World of Words: Poem of the week

The Kingfisher, by Jonathan Bryant

I saw an iridescent flash

of light before my eyes

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and glimpsed a swiftly moving bird,

diminutive in size.

I longed to see it once again

as I sat by the stream;

could I have just been dozing off?

And was it just a dream?

I hid behind the willow tree

and peered across the reeds;

then scanned the water up, and down

just where the minnow feeds.

I heard a splash and looked around,

then satisfied my wish –

for ’neath the surface seemed to be

a little feathered fish.

It rose up from the river-bed

on wings that beat so fast.

a small fish glistened in its beak

as it went flying past.

Once more I viewed its brilliance,

perched high upon a tree.

I feel I have been privileged

to share this memory.