A privilege to see Sleeping Beauty in Eastbourne

From: Rosemary Austin-Cooper, Mill Road, Eastbourne

I was privileged to be in the audience at the Devonshire Park Theatre on the evening of December 30 to see the pantomime Sleeping Beauty.

At the outset there was an announcement that due to illness the six dancers would not be performing, plus the actor who played the King, they had a replacement for him but he would be reading from the script.

The backstage crew would at times improvise for the dancers!

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I have to say what followed was probably the best pantomime I have ever seen!

For two -and-a-half glorious hours all the cares and concerns of the world where forgotten.

It was slick, funny, well paced with some well chosen tried and tested musical numbers from the past and present.

Here I must mention Carl Greenwood and the musicians, so talented, especially the drummer.

There were only seven characters in the show and the fairy godmother and the wicked witch were outstanding delivering their well written rhyming script perfectly.

Chester the Jester and his Mother Dame Nellie kept us in fits of laughter and the Princess and her Prince performed their romantic solos and duets beautifully.

Finally the King rose to the occasion and was so good you almost forgot he was reading his lines.

If I had any criticism at all it was that there was a bit too much mist pumped out at regular intervals which seemed to fill the auditorium, and the monster was way too scary for very small children!

But it really was superb and everyone involved should be congratulated.

If you haven’t been yet, get yourself along, you’ll love it!