LETTER: Penalty during charity donation

On Wednesday October 9 I went to Billingshurst to take some clothes to the Age UK charity shop in Jengers Mead where, to my cost, the parking is owned and controlled by a private company.

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Your letters

I parked outside of the shop and went in to ask if it was OK to bring the clothes in. I was there three or four minutes as they were serving someone else.

I came out to get the clothes, to find the parking attendant had put a ticket on my car.

I saw him before I went in, but thought it was OK as I was just popping in and out.

Is this parking firm so desperate for money that they can’t allow you five minutes to deliver to a charity shop ( there are three there).

I doubt this would have happened in Horsham, as the parking is council controlled by uniformed traffic wardens who use their discretion when doing there job, unlike at Jengers Mead.

God help any disabled person who is slow on their feet! They would never get to the ticket machine and back before they got booked.

I appealed against the fine, but they ignored all the points I raised and told me if it was not paid in 14 days it would go up to £90, and if I ignored it they would take court action.


Nicholsfield, Loxwood