Making Friends with Anxiety: A Calming Colouring Book by Sarah Rayner and Jules Miller

Two of Brighton's finest have got together to produce this lovely book.

Mindfulness. Non-judgemental awareness. These are buzz words at the moment, and unless you think they belong to the hippie dippie world, I think you'll agree that when the Harvard Business School starts extolling the virtues of them we should all sit up and take notice.

Two of Brighton's finest have got together to produce this lovely book. Grown-up colouring-in books are taking the publishing world by storm, and after having a go at this delightful pastime I can quite see why. It's therapeutic, fun, and really calming to the troubled soul.

My only grouse is that it should come with coloured pens or pencils (I had to rootle around and came up with a measly selection of dried up felt pens).

Thanks to Miller the pictures in this book are enchanting, and Rayner gives us words of real wisdom and humour in coping with anxiety or panic.

I loved the bylines too: Hamlet '“ very anxious. The Dalai Lama '“ Only a tiny bit anxious.

The tips that pepper the book are really helpful as well, from going for a walk, to sowing seeds and getting your hands dirty in the earth as a means to feel more connected and calm.

All of us suffer from anxiety at some point in our lives, and this is the perfect book to help calm those fears. My tip? Buy your crayons or pens before you start, because once you do start, you can't stop.