COP26: Climate activists are cycling from Brighton to Glasgow for the climate change summit

A group of  cyclists are riding  from Brighton to Glasgow for the  United Nations'  COP26  climate change summit on November 1.

The activists cycled out of Brighton Palace Pier on Sunday morning (October 24)and will make the 522-mile journey over nine days.

Will Cottrell, one of the organisers for the event said: “It's really about raising awareness for climate change, its about taking on a challenge that really inspires other people to get involved with climate change as well. It has been months in preparation, Zoom after Zoom. Here we are, ready to go."

The team will be stopping off at various spots on their way to Scotland, including renewable energy projects and nature -friendly farming, but also non-renewable energy plants.

COP26: Brighton to Glasgow. Environmentalists are cycling to the summit

Sophie, a member of the ‘core group’ said: “A lot us felt a bit helpless that we didn’t know what to do about the climate crisis, we were just waiting for world leaders to make a decision.

"So we thought one way to do something is to go talk to different community groups showing that we already have the solutions. We’ve got everything we need and people are there doing it. We just need make that happen on a bigger scale.”