Bexhill group’s ‘best ever’ show raises big sum for charity

Christian Voices, the musical drama group, have raised an incredible £1,008 for Epilepsy Sussex from the performances of their play, “Justice from the Judge”.
L-R: Maureen Payne (Epilepsy Sussex), Jacqueline Young (director) and Maggie Osgood (Epilepsy Sussex)L-R: Maureen Payne (Epilepsy Sussex), Jacqueline Young (director) and Maggie Osgood (Epilepsy Sussex)
L-R: Maureen Payne (Epilepsy Sussex), Jacqueline Young (director) and Maggie Osgood (Epilepsy Sussex)

The play was written by Alan Young and the songs composed by Dave Chamberlin. It was directed by Jacqueline Young – the first time she has directed a Christian Voices play.

The play was performed at venues in Bexhill, Ninfield and Little Common throughout May and while free to watch, donations to Epilepsy Sussex were invited.

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Maureen Payne, of Epilepsy Sussex, said: “I would like to say a massive thank you to Christian Voices and to all those who donated so generously!

“As someone who saw the play, I can only say that it was without doubt one of their best.


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“The money raised will go towards various items of equipment which help those who suffer from Epilepsy stay safe when they are at home and when they are not.

“They include SOS bands and Pulse Oximeters which monitor the oxygen levels in the blood stream during a seizure. The money will also provide anti-suffocation pillows, CCTV monitors and key safes.”

Sandy Willard, from Christchurch Methodist Church, added: “I enjoy every play Christian Voices perform but somehow I thought this one was perfection in every way. The writing, songs and acting were all excellent.

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“I particularly liked the humour but the message about persistent prayer was loud and clear.

“I really look forward to seeing their next play but I just can’t see how they will be able to better this one!”

“Justice from the Judge” was the group’s 27th production and was based on the parable of the persistent widow seeking justice from the corrupt judge.

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