Easebourne school's treehouse classroom plan withdrawn

Plans to build a classroom in a Cypress tree have been withdrawn this week.

Conifers School in Egmont Road submitted plans (SDNP/21/06045/FUL) to South Downs National Park planning authority in December last year to build a treehouse classroom in a huge Cypress tree on the school’s grounds.

The tree has grown rapidly in the grounds for a large part of the school's 90 year history and now creates an 'overbearing shadow' that blocks natural sunlight and warmth from getting into classrooms and offices, the school said.

Conifers has considered felling the tree but has instead decided on a 'significant reduction' and for a classroom to built as a 'compromise'


Part of the plans give the school's reasoning: "The tree has the most wonderful trunk system and generations of Conifers School children have climbed its amazing horizontal lower branches.

"The current owner of the school vividly recalls running around the base of the tree 40 years ago as a six year old pupil himself. For this reason, the school are proposing a compromise."

The school made the decision to withdraw the plans.

It follows an objection comment from the clerk of Easebourne Parish Council on behalf of the planning committee.

“The Parish Council wish for it to be noted that it is keen to support local businesses and confirms its appreciation of the importance for the school to develop.

"However, the Parish Council strongly objects to this application on the grounds that the significant height and size of the proposed building on the edge of the school grounds would be overly dominant within the location and would have a negative impact on the street scene.”