East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service launches new ‘We’re Wildfire Ready…Are you?’ leaflet

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service has launched a new ‘We’re Wildfire Ready…Are you?’ leaflet with Ashdown Forest Rangers.
East Sussex Fire and RescueEast Sussex Fire and Rescue
East Sussex Fire and Rescue

The leaflet was released on Tuesday, June 13, and will be placed in the Forest Visitors’ Centre and other locations across the county.

The leaflets are for members of the public who live around or visit green spaces and areas of wildfire risk. They focus on wildfire safety, prevention, protection and how to respond in the event of an emergency. The leaflet also offers advice on BBQ safety and campfires.

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Firefighters are identifying local areas of risk and distributing leaflets to public places such as visitor centres, information centres and local council buildings.

Station manager Trevor Funnell said: “Wildfires are unpredictable, can spread quickly and can have a devastating impact to homes, land, wildlife, and the community. We want people to enjoy our beautiful surroundings in East Sussex, so it’s vitally important to take precautions and check your home for risks, using the leaflet in order to keep you and your loved ones safe.”

Ashdown Forest Countryside manager Ash Walmsley added: “This information is a useful reminder, especially during the hot, dry weather we are having, to protect the forest and its wildlife. We welcome this advice such as extinguishing cigarettes carefully and taking all litter home with you. We also want to remind our visitors to please not light BBQs, campfires or stoves on the forest at any time.”

For more advice on how to be ‘wildfire ready’ please visit https://www.esfrs.org/wildfire-advice

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For more information about getting the leaflets please contact [email protected]


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