Hastings named as one of the top ten best retirement places in UK

A new national survey has rated Hastings as number six in the best UK retirement spots.

Insurance experts at Howden Insurance conducted an in-depth ranking of various area of the United Kingdom to uncover the best location to spend retirement. This was calculated using the metrics of overall satisfaction rating, the typical cost of a home in each area, local crime rate, proximity to parks, and distance to essential facilities.

It was created from a large range of data, taken from various sources including Gov.uk and the NHS website. The data looked at the overall happiness rating of different areas.

Top of the list, with an overall rating of 80.93, was Pendle, a district of Lancashire known for its picturesque landscapes and historical significance..

Hastings was in sixth place, with an overall rating of 66.78. The survey stated that home owners can expect a low price for a home to retire, with £261,075 as an average. They praised the town’s rich history and diverse attractions, specifically mention the Old Town and Hastings Castle. Hastings has a well-being rating of 7.90.

Hastings is known for its vibrant atmosphere and events such as Jack in the Green and the Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras festival, which attract thousands of visitors.