In 14 pictures: Famous Hastings Old Town fishmonger branches out into St Leonards

Rock-a-Nore Fisheries – known as Sonny’s of Rock-a-Nore has expanded its successful Hastings Old Town business by opening a shop and restaurant in Kings Road, St Leonards.

Sonny's of Rock-a-Nore have had a pop-up in Kings Road, for a while but it finally opened full time this month.

The opening times are Tue-Sat 9-4, serving breakfast all day and lunch from 12.30pm. On offer for breakfast are smoked salmon dishes, including eggs benedict with smoked salmon and smoked salmon with sourdough bread and avocado, as well as poached kippers. The lunch menu includes dishes such as garlic prawns and a smoked fish platter. They also serve specials such as smoked hadddock kedgeree. Oysters are available served with shallot vinegar, lemon and Tabasco. The fish shop in Kings Road is open from 9am – 4pm.

Sonny Elliot, who started the business, comes from a long line of people that were involved in the Hastings fishing industry, stretching back 200 years.

It is the only fishmonger in Hastings that smokes on the premises and they always use as much of the local catch as they can. Even the oak chippings that are used for smoking come from the local area.

Sonny’s wife Jackie said: “We came to St Leonards because it is an up and coming area. We always buy quality fish and would never take the cheaper option. That’s how we have grown our business and that’s whey we are very popular in the Old Town.

"We have a really good chef Lillie, who is local. We also have plans to upgrade our shop in the Old Town and put in a restaurant. That will be happening in the next year or so. We will be doing take-away food, beach food, all sorts of things.”