In pictures: Inside the model and gaming shop that has the biggest paint range in Sussex

A table-top wargaming and board game shop in the small town of Bexhill has become a magnet for those in the miniature painting hobby with an incredible range of acrylic model paints.

Paint racks fill an entire wall of Galleon Games, in St Leonards Road, and Neil, who runs the shop, is adding to the range all the time. Many of the paint brands he stocks are hard to source in the UK such as Pro Acryl, from Monument Hobbies in the USA.

As well as the full range of the popular Games Workshop Citadel range, Neil has full ranges from Vallejo, Scale 75, Duncan Rhodes Two Thin Coats and Army Painter Fanatics, Dark Star Molten Metals and has recently offered a sought after range of paints from AK Interactive.

They come in a staggering array of colours, and include metallics, varnishes, painting mediums, and special effect paints such as fluorescent. The shop also stocks a wide range of textured basing materials.

Neil said: “People are usually pretty amazed when they see the range of paints we have in stock. It has been quite hard to get some of them in. We have people coming from all over Sussex and Kent to stock up on the paints. It’s good to be able to offer such a wide variety and I don’t know another shop in the South that carries that sort of range.”

The table top wargaming industry was worth £1.4 billion in the USA alone in 2019 and it is estimated to grow exponentially year over year.

Galleon Games had re-locate to larger premises in the town after outgrowing its original shop. The independent games shop originally opened in June 2015 and has been growing year on year.

As well as the paints and modelling materials, it stocks a huge range of board games, card games, table-top games and role-playing games. And if you can’t find what you are looking for, Neil is always happy to do his best to try and source it for you.

Galleon Games is more than just a shop, it has become the hub of a vibrant and growing community of hobbyists. Visit on a Saturday and the large shop is usually full of people taking part in gaming sessions or friendly competitions, hosted by Neil who is always happy to explain rules and guide people through. It caters for people of all ages but has become an incredibly popular place for children and their families to enjoy the hobby in a safe and friendly environment.

Board gaming and miniature fantasy war-gaming has exploded in recent years. Games Workshop, who have the Warhammer Brand of games and miniature figures, started as a small company with one London shop in the early 1980’s. It is now a world-wide brand valued at £3.8 billion and shows no sign of declining. Their new boxed games tend to sell out within minutes of being released.

Galleon Games has a good selection of Games Workshop products along with other hard to source gaming miniatures such as Nolzar D&D and Malifaux, as well as a good range of Star Wars figures.

Neil said: “It has been fantastic since moving here. We outgrew the last shop and this has allowed me to put in more gaming tables. The beauty of this hobby is that people of all ages can come together around the same table. It is very inclusive.”