Massive fireball spotted streaking across Horsham skies

A massive orange-red fireball was spotted streaking through the sky across the Horsham district last night (Monday).
A stock image of a fireballA stock image of a fireball
A stock image of a fireball

People in Storrington, Southwater, Steyning, Washington, Cowfold, Pulborough and Coldwaltham took to social media to report the ‘amazing sight’ as the meteor shot through the sky just after 8pm.

Many described it as being ‘huge’, ‘spectacular’, ‘very low’and ‘scary.’ One person said it looked like it was going to land on the Co-op in Cowfold.

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Another said: “I've just seen the biggest brightest shooting star ever! It had a big fat glowing orange fire tail and it looked so close.”

And another announced: “It left a huge orange trail.”

Some speculated that the sighting could have been the Virgin rocket launch in Cornwall, but that did not take place until later in the night.

And the Met Office confirmed that a meteor had been spotted after scores of people across the country reported what they had seen.

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