New gin distilled by the sea in Hastings is making waves

A new gin distillery in the East Sussex seaside town of Hastings has seen an incredible demand for its product with local pubs, bars and restaurants eager to take it and often selling out.

Copper Pot Distilleries was created by a science teacher who was inspired after going on a gin tour. The distillery produces a small batch artisan London dry gin called Moonshine. It comes in at 37 percent ABV and is presented in a beautiful bottle with the label stating that it is ‘hand-crafted in St Leonards.

It is made in a traditional copper still called ‘Belle’ in keeping with the tradition on gin makers giving names to their stills. The taste profile is heavy in juniper with a citrus twist, which is down to added orange and lemon.

The founder of Copper Pot Gin is a qualified science teacher went on a gin tour, saw that it was quite science based and decided that she could “give this a go”.

She said: “After months of research, testing and experimenting we have produced a London Dry gin from scratch, distilled for three hours, to make a London Dry like no other. This is a premium gin, as it’s not gin that has been infused but has been distilled from the grain."

“It also only uses the ‘hearts’ of the product, not including the additional extras, which although would make it cheaper to produce. This is reflected in the taste and quality of the gin, something we didn’t want to sacrifice on.

“We use artistry and dedication in every aspect of our gin-making process, from sourcing the finest ingredients to the expert blending techniques.

"The botanicals are used in perfect harmony which has led to the gin being what’s referred to as louching, most distillers get rid of the cloudy look, we embraced it. We added glitter to make the clouds in the gin sparkle. The reason why we haven’t taken steps to remove the louching is because it dampens the flavour and that’s not something we wanted. We wanted a gin that took people on a journey, awakening taste buds and arousing their senses.

“We also use a few other botanicals such as cardamom and coriander as these partner perfectly with the juniper berries. Cassia bark and grain of paradise give the deeper tones and the peppery kick as well as orris root keeping that flavour from the first to the last drop.

"We believe our dedication to quality and flavour sets us apart. We’ve only been trading for a short period of time, but have already sold out in local establishments on a number of occasions, and had to invest into a larger still to keep up with demand.

“We have got another flavour on the horizon, with gift options and hampers to follow shortly and will soon be launching an eco friendly recycling scheme.”

The gin is usually available from the Piper, in Norman Road, St Leonards, The Royal Albert at Battle Road, St Leonards, The Hoxley Thai at London Road, St Leonards, The Railway at Battle and other local outlets. The shimmering, glittery cloudy gin can be purchased on line at and you can follow their social channels on Facebook and Instagram.