Cripps Corner potholesCripps Corner potholes
Cripps Corner potholes

Section of road in Hastings area named 'Death Trap' by residents due to bad potholes

A section of the 60mph B2244 just before Cripps Corner, near Sedlescombe is the most dangerous in Sussex says a resident living in the area.

John Lederer, said: “It has a section 100 - 300m with really deep holes and ruts on both sides which causes drivers to swerve head on to each other. It is known locally as ‘Death Trap’. Residents have put their own cones and markers in them to warn drivers.

“Yet sections a few metres towards Sedlescombe have been repaired which were no where as bad or there for a longer period. Now minor roads in Sedlescombe are being resurfaced, even though a recent communication said dangerous situations would be prioritised. Drivers from afar as Maidstone are now avoiding this area. It won't be long before someone is killed on this 60mph road.”

Hastings resident Judy Atkinson said: “I hit a pothole on Hawkhurst side of the bridge at Cripps Corner. I had to stop on the busy A21 but the tyre was beyond repair. I understand this pothole has caused damage to several cars.”

An East Sussex Highways spokesperson said: “We have carried out repairs on 12 potholes on the B2244 near Cripps Corner since May last year, with three more repairs due to be completed next week.

“Our Highway Steward has visited the site on Monday this week and made the area safe for road users until the repairs are carried out.

“Further targeted patch repairs between High Wigsell and Cripps Corner are planned, the details of which will be shared once dates for the work are confirmed.

“People can find out how and when we repair potholes, and report potholes to us directly, via our website at”