Sid the thieving seagullSid the thieving seagull
Sid the thieving seagull

Shopkeeper bans thieving Sussex seagull Sid

A cheeky seagull named Sid has been helping himself to crisps and other food items from a Hastings Old Town shop.

Now Alex White, who runs Arkwhites Best Before food shop in pedestrianised George Street, has banned Sid from the premises.

But that hasn’t stopped the greedy herring gull from performing more audacious snatch and fly raids.

Alex said: “We had bags of crisps outside the shop in metal baskets. Sid the seagull has been swaggering down George Street pretending to mind his own business, then as soon as the coast is clear –bang! Three bags of crisps in three days and then pooped on my window. Sid you are barred for life. I have had to being the crisps inside as he can’t be trusted.”

He added: “The seagull battle continued with Sid on Saturday morning after he stole a bag of jellybeans. But I was fast on my toes and managed to get them back. Obviously Sid isn’t on Facebook and hasn’t realised he is on a life ban. Sunday wasn’t so bad. I think George Street was a bit too busy for him. Either that or he has caught up with his Facebook posts.”

Arkwhites Best Before Store was opened in the Old Town in December by Alex, who for some years ran the popular Whites Seafood restaurant at the other end of George Street. The shop is a nod to Arkwrights in the classic English comedy Open All Hours.

It sells tins, jars and packet food that is near, or just over it’s best before date at heavily discounted prices, although many of items on sale are well within t before date.

Since opening the shop has built up a loyal following. Alex said: “A big part of why I decided to open the new shop was wanting to help local people who are struggling with the cost of living crisis. The cost of items in supermarkets seem to have gone through the roof.”

The shop includes many big brand names such as Heinz, Hellmans, Doritos, Oreos and Blue Dragon at discounted prices. It is open from Wednesday to Sunday, usually from 10am – 4pm.