‘Surprise’ as Royal Flight helicopter lands in Horsham

Visitors to Horsham Park have spoken of their ‘surprise’ when a Royal Flight helicopter landed in Horsham Park.

The aircraft - with Princess Anne on board - touched down in the park on Wednesday and landed between the Rec Rooms and the park’s pond.

Members of the public were kept back by police as the royal visitor embarked.

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And many took to social media speculating who was on board and what they were doing in the town.

The helicopter landed near the park pond

When it was revealed that the royal visitor was Princess Anne, many put forward their own theories as to what the Princess Royal was doing in Horsham.

“Opening another coffee shop,” joked one. “Gone bowling,” said another. “Taking the swans away,” joked another and yet another speculated: “Gone shopping?”

The princess was, in fact, visiting Horsham’s Citizens Advice Centre.

A spokesperson for Horsham District Council, which owns the park, said: “Horsham Park was used on September 22 as the landing and take off location for Royal Flight Helicopter to facilitate HRH Princess Anne’s visit to the town.

“The helicopter landed in the area between the Rec Rooms and the pond, and the security detail exited via Jubilee Car Park.

“Sussex Police liaised with the council on the arrangements and there was a police presence in the park asking pedestrians to temporarily refrain from using the paths around this grassed area during landing and take off times.

“Pedestrians were re-directed to the perimeter paths and all other areas of the park remained open.

“Park users were welcome to look at and take photos of the helicopter when HRH had left the park. It was in-situ for just over an hour.

“The visit itself was not linked to the council.”