Sussex heatwave: new Haywards Heath care home offers advice to help older people stay hydrated

Care UK’s Martlet Manor on Butlers Green Road, Haywards Heath, is sharing tips and advice to help older people in the community stay hydrated during the Sussex heatwave.

A free booklet called Making Every Drink Count has been written by Care UK’s highly-qualified catering team and is available to download.

It covers all aspects of hydration, explaining why older people are more likely to suffer from dehydration, and informing people on how to create drinks for those who may not realise that they are thirsty.

It also includes special recipes that residents at Martlet Manor enjoy on a regular basis, from garnished flavoured waters and mocktails, to strawberry iced tea and fruit puree drinks.

Care UK is sharing tips and advice to help older people in the heatwave

Sarah Barrett, home manager at Martlet Manor, said: “We are happy to offer our advice and support for remaining hydrated throughout this heatwave and beyond.

"As temperatures rise, hydration becomes more important than ever for general health and wellness, particularly for older people.

“It can be tricky for those caring for a loved to ensure they drink enough, but our guide is full of recipes and helpful advice, such as emphasising the presentation of the drinks by using their favourite cup or adding a garnish.

“We hope the local community will download their own copies of the guide during this particularly hot time, keep an eye on older relatives and friends, and to get in touch with us if they want any more assistance.”

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The booklet also helps people find out how different foods can help with hydration. For example, it explains how a ripe tomato is actually 94 per cent water, cauliflower is 87 per cent and melon 90 per cent.

People can download copies for free from

The new care home opened its doors in October last year and incorporates space for hobby and leisure activities.

It was designed to enable residents to live active lives while promoting independence.

The layout of the building is a series of individual suites, each with a dedicated lounge/dining room to help facilitate the creation of close-knit communities.

To find out more call customer relations manager Suzi Hawes on 03300 583243, email [email protected] or visit