Sussex RSPCA: Dog tied up and abandoned outside supermarket finds loving home

A dog who was abandoned outside a supermarket has found a loving home thanks to a Sussex charity.

Morris, who was named by RSPCA Brighton staff after being found tied up outside Morrison’s, has been given a new lease of life.

Despite his difficult start to life, the charity said staff ‘immediately fell in love with him’ due to his ‘adorable, easygoing nature’.

According to the charity, the pocket bully is a ‘victim of irresponsible breeding’ which has caused many health issues for the poor pooch.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said: "He has had his ears cut off, could not walk across a room without struggling for breath and had numerous other health issues.

“But he has the most adorable, easygoing nature and everyone here immediately fell in love with him.

"After undergoing extensive surgery to ease his breathing he is now able to waddle happily along and play with other dogs without struggling to get enough air.

Morris has now found a ‘fabulous home’ where he enjoys running around a farm, and is settling in well with ‘lots of cuddles and fuss’.

The RSPCA added: “We miss him a lot but we are so happy for him.”

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