The Traitors' castle is making headlines – here's what Sussex has to offer

The castle used for The Traitors is making headlines after it was revealed it was worth around £16.7million. Ardross Castle, where the BBC show is filmed, is a 19th-century estate which spans more than 100 acres of parkland.

Research conducted by Vegas Gems provided the valuation for the entire estate, just north of Inverness in Scotland. They analysed a geocoding system, examined Highland property data and employed a land value estimator to estimate the total cost.

Josh Lingenfelter, a spokesperson for Vegas Gems, said: “Since its second series debut at the start of January, The Traitors has had viewers on the edge of their seats. Interestingly, it has also kindled an increased interest in the Scottish Highlands, potentially boosting relocation. The season premiere led to a significant 298 per cent rise in UK searches for ‘move to Scotland."

How does Sussex compare? Our county has a number of castles in various states of repair, some huge and some just ruins.