Town crier to appear on tv as Nigel Farage's show comes to Bognor Regis

The town crier of Bognor Regis will introduce GB news at 7pm tonight, putting Bognor Regis on the national stage once again.

Sporting a new pair of shoes and her hand crafted livery, Jane Smith will appear on Nigel Farage’s ‘Farage at Large’ to introduce the show and, potentially, sit down for a chat.

Farage’s programme sees him debating the ‘tough subjects of the day’, interviewing guests and hosting a Q&A with audience members from locations across the UK.

The controversial former UKIP leader’s show airs on GB News (Sky 515) every Monday to Thursday evening.

Bognor Regis Town Crier Jane Smith

For Mrs Smith, her appearance on the show is about putting Bognor Regis on the map, and she’s very much looking forward to strutting her stuff on national TV.

"I shall be opening the show at seven o’clock this evening,” she said.

"They might do a quick interview, but it depends on timing, and they have a couple of councillors involved as well.”

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