Kevin Boorman receives the award from the Mayor and Reg WoodKevin Boorman receives the award from the Mayor and Reg Wood
Kevin Boorman receives the award from the Mayor and Reg Wood

Well deserved award for 'Mr Hastings'

A man known to many as ‘Mr Hastings' has been presented with the prestigious Bowskill Trophy.​

​The award recognises individuals or organisations that have made significant contribution to the town of Hastings and is presented by the Hastings Week committee.

It is in memory of Cyril Bowskill who, with his wife Joan was a great supporter of Hastings Week, from majority vote based on public nominations.

The well-deserved winner was Kevin Boorman, who stepped down as a council officer last year after more than a quarter of a century of service to the town he was born in.​

Kevin was presented with the award at the Hastings Week awards ceremony, which took place at Hastings Museum on Thursday January 25, receiving it from Hastings Week chairman Reg Wood, in the presence of Hastings Mayor Margi O’Callaghan.

Awards were also presented to Rosemary Smith and to Andre Palfrey Martin for their contributions toward Hastings Week, as well as awards for the Hastings Week poetry and photo competitions.

Part of a Hastings Old Town family, with connections to the lifeboat and fishing industry, Kevin worked on the railways for 20 years before working for Hastings Borough Council.

George Moon, Kevin’s great uncle, was cox of the Hastings lifeboat the Cyril & Lilian Bishop in 1940, and took it to Dover, where the navy commandeered it, for the relief of troops on the beaches of Dunkirk. It now stands in front of All Saints Church.

Kevin was responsible for tourism and events in Hastings and 1066 Country for many years. He was heavily involved in the re-development of the Stade open space and has played an active role in the organisation of some of the town’s biggest annual events such as Jack in the Green.

He was also directly involved in co-ordinating the council’s response to major incidents such as the big fires at the pier and hospice and the asbestos fall-out from Broomgrove power station.

Kevin is still actively involved in the Southeast Communities Rail Partnership and the Two Towers Trust. Hastings Week 2024 is October 12 – 20.

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