West Sussex lad, 12, who saved unconscious boy from choking is praised by police

A 12-year-old boy jumped into action when he came across a youngster who had collapsed on a bench unconscious.

Kian Pontet-Piccolomini was walking in Queen Elizabeth Avenue, Burgess Hill, with a friend on Saturday night (October 31), when he spotted the 14-year-old boy who was foaming at the mouth.

He shouted for an ambulance while stopping the boy from choking and put him in the recovery position before the ambulance service arrived.

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His heroic efforts have been praised by Mid Sussex Prevention Inspector Darren Taylor who said he potentially saved the young boy’s life.

“The boy is just amazing,” Insp Taylor said of Kian.

“The team were just amazed by his first aid knowledge and how calm he kept when this boy was choking on his own vomit while unconscious.

“At the moment youngsters are getting bad press but this young 12-year-old boy has shown us that young adults are community spirited and are alive and well in Mid Sussex.

“Chief Constable Jo Shiner has contacted me personally and is highly impressed with this young man’s courageous effort and will be writing to him personally.

Kian Pontet-Piccolomini with police officers Constantin Maican and Pete Whitton. Photo: Steve Robards

“I am popping over to the family’s house this week and I look forward to meeting him and thanking him.”

Kian, who is in Year 8 at The Burgess Hill Academy, said he learned the first aid skills while in the Scouts.

He said: “I was at McDonald’s eating with my friends and we walked across the road walking home and I saw him lying on the bench foaming at the mouth and vomiting quite bad.

“So I took what I learned from Scouts and performed the medical routine that is known to help.

Hero Kian Pontet-Piccolomini with proud mum Melanie. Photo: Steve Robards

“As I was helping him I took his pulse and kept his head straight so he didn’t choke on his own vomit and I tried to get someone to call for an ambulance.

“The police then drove past and came and helped. We got him down to the floor and I just carried on helping him.”

His mum, Melanie, 44, who praised her son’s modesty, said Kian called her after the incident.

She said: “He said ‘mum just to let you know the police might phone you because I was walking down the road and there was this boy who was lying unconscious. I just held his head to stop him from being sick and so he didn’t choke’.

Kian Pontet-Piccolomini. Photo: Steve Robards

“He didn’t think much of it. He was very calm.”

She said it was not until she received a phone call from Insp Taylor on Monday morning that she realised how amazing her son’s actions really were.

“Darren said he had received a long email from the police officers that attended the scene.

“They said Kian was very calm, checked the boy’s pulse and put him in the recovery position to stop him from choking and stayed with him until the ambulance arrived.

“When the police got there they said he continued to help the boy and was very professional when handing him over to them.

“I was just so shocked and overwhelmed to the point I couldn’t speak properly.

Kian and mum Melanie. Photo: Steve Robards

“He’s a good boy and he’s very helpful.

“I am so proud of him – he’s my baby boy.”

Melanie, a receptionist at The Triangle leisure centre in Burgess Hill, said Kian is ‘practical minded’.

“He is very grounded, chilled and calm and just gets on with it,” she said.

“Darren said he potentially saved that boy’s life.

“Me and his dad, Jamie, are just so proud of him.”

Kian Pontet-Piccolomin. Photo: Steve Robards