Wind in the Willows at Arundel Primary is school’s best production yet

Pupils from Arundel CE Primary School put on a spectacular performance of The Wind in the Willows as their end-of-year musical.

The production was directed by the music teacher Michael Servant and the adaptation was a real team effort.

The children playing the four main characters, Toad, Badger, Rat and Mole, fully immersed themselves in their roles.

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Mr Servant said: “I have never before encountered children of any age embody the characters in such a convincing way.

The main characters from The Wind in the Willows at Arundel CE Primary School

“Their understanding of the dialogue and their interaction with each other allowed for a fully convincing performance.”

The supporting actors were equally impressive, each adding to the richness of the play.

Parents and teachers agreed it was the best musical the school had every produced.

The musical followed Toad and his adventures in his red motor car, with the three friends helping to steer him in the right direction.

Notable scenes included the policeman chastising Toad for his reckless driving, the judge sending Toad to prison while having a complete disregard for the confines of the law, the prison guard chasing after his ‘love’ the prison washerwoman, not realising it was Toad in disguise, and the chief weasel bemoaning his nature and wishing to be good.

However, it was the chorus made up of the Wild Wooders and the River Bankers that really raised the roof, with impressive singing and acting abilities.

The school said the show was a huge success and a true testament of how children can achieve success in even the most ambitious of situations, when they receive the support and encouragement of those around them – much like Toad, Badger, Mole and Rat.