Chichester planning applications: Here’s the latest list of submissions across the district

The following planning applications have been made to Chichester District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority between April 20-27.


BI/22/00733/DOM: Lock Keepers Cottage, The Causeway. Replacement of 2 no. velux windows with 2 no. dormer windows and 1 no. velux window on north elevation.


CC/22/00894/FUL: St Richard's Hospital, Accident And Emergency Department, Spitalfield Lane, Chichester. New main entrance extension for existing Outpatients and Emergency department, incorporating new external roof mounted plant and external works alterations. Photo: Google Maps.

CC/22/00538/DOM: 1 Oak Close. First floor extension over existing ground floor extension to provide carer accommodation.

CC/22/00680/PA14J: Chichester Rugby Football Club Sports Club, Oaklands Park, Wellington Road. Installation of roof mounted solar photovoltaic system. Erection of scaffold to carry out works.

CC/22/00743/ADV: 65 East Street. Proposed 1 no. non-illuminated fascia sign and 1 no. non-illuminated hanging sign to front elevation.

CC/22/00744/LBC: 65 East Street. Proposed 1 no. non-illuminated fascia sign and 1 no. non-illuminated hanging sign to front elevation.

CC/22/00805/DOM: 8 Durham Gardens. Single storey flat roofed extension to rear, single storey lean to pitched roof extension to front and garage conversion.

CC/22/00809/DOM: 220 Whyke Road. Proposed part single, part two storey rear and side extension, demolition of existing garage and proposed new outbuilding.

CC/22/00833/DOM: 21 Worcester Road. Proposed two-storey side and rear extensions and single-storey front extension, change of use of garage to create habitable accommodation with associated roof works and various alterations including changes to fenestration.

CC/22/00889/LBC: 13 North Street. Internal basement repair works to address timber decay and partial replacement of flat roof covering to rear extension.

CC/22/00894/FUL: St Richard’s Hospital, Accident And Emergency Department, Spitalfield Lane. New main entrance extension for existing Outpatients and Emergency department, incorporating new external roof mounted plant and external works alterations.

CC/22/00909/TPA: Whyke Lakes, Quarry Lane. Crown lift by up to 4m (above ground level) on 2 no. Elder trees (T12 & T14) and 1 no. Sycamore tree (T15). Reduce north sector back to chain link fence on 1 no. Elder tree (quoted as H2). All within Woodland, W8 subject to CC/70/00753/TPO. Crown lift by up to 4m (above ground level) on Field Maple trees (within G1). Reduce north sector by back to chain link fence on Hawthorn and Elder trees (within H3), Woodland, W3 subject to CC/70/00753/TPO.

CC/22/01047/ADV: 48 East Street. Replacement metal Fret cut lettering to front of building.

CC/22/01068/TPA: The Harold Kidd Unit, Blomfield Drive. Reduce north sector by 2m on 1 no. Plane tree (03309). Remove 2 no. lower branches on west sector (over Lloyd road) on 1 no. Plane tree (03314). Crown lift by up to 4m (above ground level) on 1 no. Lime tree (03343). Crown reduce by 4m on 1 no. Plane tree (03364). Crown reduce by 3m 1 no. Plane tree (03368). Crown reduce by 1m 1 no. Plane tree (03371). Reduce south sector by 2m on 1 no. Plane tree (03376). Crown reduce by 1.5m and reduce south sector by 2m on 1 no. London Plane tree (03379). Reduce west sector by 2m on 1 no. Plane tree (03311) and 1 no. Lime tree (03312). Reduce north sector by 3m on 1 no. Plane tree (03362). All 11 no. trees are in Group, G1 subject to CC/08/00021/TPO.

Chidham & Hambrook

CH/22/00747/REM: Appleton House Farm, Drift Lane, Chidham. Application for the approval of all reserved matters (Access, Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale) pursuant to outline planning permission CH/19/02312/OUT - for the erection of 1 no. 4-bedroom 1.5 storey dwelling.

CH/22/01043/TPA: Copse Cottage, 17 Maybush Drive, Chidham. Prune to reduce overall canopy size by up to 6m, reduce longer semi upright limbs on east sector by up to 6m and reduce lower lateral branches by up to 4m on 1 no. Poplar tree, within Area, A1, subject to 08/00084/TPO.


D/22/00435/FUL: Donnington Manor Farm, Selsey Road. Construction of Class E office.


E/22/00763/TCA: Somerley House, Bell Lane. Notification of intention to reduce south sector by 6m (alleviate overhang) on 1 no. Willow tree.


SDNP/22/00269/HOUS: Fernhill, Hollist Lane. New front dormers, chimney removal, new solar panels to front, new rooflight, new front porch, window blocked up and new French door with window lights to substitute existing window.

East Wittering And Bracklesham

EWB/22/00704/FUL: Fletchers, West Bracklesham Drive, Bracklesham. demolition of existing dwelling, annexe and 4 no. timber outbuildings, replaced with 1 no. dwelling, annexe and proposed pool with surrounding landscaping.

EWB/22/00920/ADV: Co-op, The Parade, East Wittering. Amendment to window graphic artwork.

EWB/22/01033/DOM: Drifters, East Bracklesham Drive, Bracklesham. Demolition of 2 no. existing outbuildings. Proposed annex.

EWB/22/01042/FUL: 26 Stocks Lane, East Wittering. Demolish existing building and construct 1 no. detached dwelling and associated works. (Variation of condition 2 of permission EWB/18/02062/FUL - amended plans).


SDNP/22/01785/HOUS: Palfrey Farm, London Road. Enlargement of two existing extensions (south elevation), erection of new porch, alterations to fenestration and associated landscaping.

Elsted and Treyford

SDNP/22/01399/TCA: Osborne Cottage, Redlands Lane, Elsted. Notification of intention to reduce north, east and south sectors by 1.5-2.5m and reduce west sector by 1m on 1 no. Yew tree.


SDNP/22/01039/LIS: The White House, The Green. Replace guttering and downpipes, installation of chimney guards, new central heating, upgrade of electrical installation, replacement of sanitaryware decoration and tiling.

SDNP/22/01874/TPO: 77 Nappers Wood. Remove 4 no. lowest limbs on north sector on 1 no. Ash tree (T1) subject to FH/03/00493/TPO.


FB/22/00883/TPA: 1 West View, Salthill Road. Reduce height by 3m and widths by 2m (all round) on 1 no. Oak tree (quoted as T1, TPO’d nos. T5) subject to FB/69/00042/TPO.


FU/22/00787/FUL: Land Adjacent To Greenlands House (Now Known As Brook Lodge), Southbrook Road, West Ashling. Proposed detached double garage including secure bike and garden equipment stores.

SDNP/22/01812/TCA: Martins, B2178 Southbrook Road to Moutheys Lane, East Ashling. Notification of intention to crown reduce back to previous pruning points (reducing height down to 9m and reduce spread to 6m) on 1 no. Tulip tree (T1).

SDNP/22/01876/CND: The Coach House, Southbrook Road, West Ashling. Replacement dwelling, garage, swimming pool and pool house. (Variation of condition 2 of permission SDNP/21/04371/FUL - to include 2 no. rear dormer windows, increase size of pool house, additional parking bay).


SDNP/22/01026/HOUS: Billingsgate House, North Lane, South Harting. Replacement of 6 no. windows on front elevation.

SDNP/22/01509/APNB: Willow Lodge Farm, Nyewood Road, Nyewood. Agricultural building, yard and track.


SDNP/22/00761/FUL: Windy Hill Ark, Land East of Bulchins Copse, A272 Croucham Lane to Linfold Road, Strood Green. New vehicle access (retrospective) and erection 7 no. timber field shelters and stores. Siting of 1 no. caravan for the use as a day room. Metal fencing to delineate fields and provide secure enclosures for livestock.


SDNP/22/01801/TCA: The Studio, Church Lane. Notification of intention to crown reduce up to 1.5m (all round) on 1 no. Holly tree and fell 1 no. Conifer tree.


SDNP/21/06422/HOUS: Windfall Wood House, Jobsons Lane, Windfall Wood Common. Proposed side extension including 2 no. additional dormers to west elevation, associated roof works and alteration to fenestration.


SDNP/22/01624/HOUS: Dog Kennel Cottage, Cinder Lane. Extension and conversion of roof to create loft level with dormers and associated external and internal alterations. Erection of 2 bay garage with further storage bay to replace existing garage and workshop, and creation of new vehicular access with gate and dropped kerb with associated landscaping alterations.

SDNP/22/01888/BBPN: Telecommunications Mast North of Maysleith, Milland Lane. Notification under the Electronic Communications Code Regulation 5 for the removal of 2. no antennas to be replaced by 2 no. antennas and works within the cabinet and development ancillary thereto.


SDNP/22/01040/HOUS: 23 Grove Lane. Demolition of rear structure, walling and chimneys, erection of a frontage parking space, single storey rear extension, roof lights and alterations.

SDNP/22/01377/FUL: Hampers Green Cemetery, Balls Cross Road, Balls Cross. Siting of a portaloo on existing concrete base, formation of a pathway, formation of screen fence and planting.

SDNP/22/01089/FUL: Moor Farm, Horsham Road. Retrospective change of use of agricultural land to equestrian including development of a sand school and laying of hardstanding/parking for agricultural vehicles and machinery.

Plaistow And Ifold

PS/21/03635/DOM: Hopeman, Chalk Road, Ifold. Two storey rear extension with intersection into main roof with various alterations including changes to fenestration and reinstatement of chimney through roof.

PS/22/00710/DOM: West View, Chalk Road, Ifold. Retrospective first floor extension including alterations to roof from hip to gable, changes to fenestration including addition of 2 no. front and 1 no. rear dormer windows and proposed cladding to front and side elevations.


SDNP/22/00888/HOUS: Red House, Red House Court. Construction of front porch, new front and rear windows, rear French doors and replacement windows.


SY/22/00126/FUL: Cormorant, 43 Clayton Road. Demolition of existing dwelling replaced with 1 no. new dwelling.

SY/22/00868/DOM: 15 Marine Gardens. Increase in pitch to side roof, incorporation of porch, addition of front and rear dormers to create room in the roof void, addition of a front balcony and replacement of windows and doors.

SY/22/01025/PLD: Land At White Horse Lagoon, Paddock Lane. Proposed lawful development use of land for siting of up to 388 caravans.


SI/22/00412/LBC: Challens, Church Lane. Relocation of kitchen into the former study and creation of a utility room including replacement of flat roof with a pitched roof, block up existing opening and create a new opening to existing kitchen and replace stable door. Installation of 1 no. new dormer window on east elevation, replacement of 8 no. existing windows to south elevation and 4 no. windows to west elevation, installation of drainage channel and replacement of rainwater goods, reconfiguration and resurfacing of vehicular access and driveway, repair and raise height of existing south boundary wall with replacement gate, new steps to south entrance and installation of CCTV and external lights.

SI/22/01001/TCA: Shotford Manor House, Mill Lane. Notification of intention to remove 1 no. stem on northern sector and reduce height of remaining 2 no. stems by approx. 3m on 1 no. Poplar tree.


SB/22/00656/DOM: Gosden Green Nursery, 112 Main Road. Relocation of front entrance and addition of new porch. Demolition of existing conservatory and proposed 2 storey extension to the south elevation, infill of 1 no. window on west elevation, internal ground floor reconfiguration and relocation of car parking to garden.


SDNP/22/01305/HOUS: Rookwood Cottage, 46 Dean Lane End, Forestside. Proposed installation of 16 no. solar PV panels to roof of existing garage/outbuilding.


TG/22/00901/TPA: 1 Duxford Close. Fell 1 no. Lime tree (T36) and 1 no. Swedish Whitebeam tree (quoted as T6, TPO’d no. T29). Both subject to TG/79/01015/TPO.

West Itchenor

WI/22/00512/DOM: Spinney Barn, Itchenor Road. Proposed front extension.

West Lavington

SDNP/22/01344/HOUS: Pendean Lodge, Dunford Hollow. 2 no. proposed oak framed porches to south and west elevations and remodelling of existing porch to north elevation.

West Wittering

WW/22/00311/DOM: Paluma, Wellsfield. Proposed side extension with flat roof, and rear extension with pitched roof with various alterations including changes to fenestration and installation of cladding.

WW/22/00882/DOM: The Gables, Summerfield Road. Proposed rear and side extensions with internal and external alterations, new garden store/study, new porch and swimming pool.

WW/22/01023/DOM: 53 The Crescent. Alterations to roof including raised ridge and 1 no. dormer to south elevation.

WW/22/01027/TCA: Trilby Cottage, Rookwood Road. Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Leyland Cypress hedge.

WW/22/01034/DOM: 21 Locksash Close. Demolition of conservatory and erection of single storey rear extension.

Wisborough Green

SDNP/22/01833/HOUS: Horsebridge House, Fittleworth Road. Demolition of existing conservatory and hallway. Replacement front window. New indoor swimming pool and conservatory.


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