Chichester planning applications: Here’s the latest list of submissions across the district

The following planning applications have been made to Chichester District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority between July 27 and August 3.


BI/22/01891/TPA: 25 Walwyn Close. Reduce eastern sector by 2m (back to previous pruning points) and remove 1 no. low limb (approx. diameter of 25cm) overhanging garage roof on 1 no. Oak tree (T7) subject to BI/97/00037/TPO.


LX/22/01726/FUL: Land At Little Farm, Pond Copse Lane, Loxwood. Erection of 32 no. residential dwellings with associated access, infrastructure, drainage and landscape works. (Photo: Google Maps)

BO/22/01885/TPA: Church Cottage, High Street. Crown reduce (back to previous points) and remove the lower epicormic from the tree stem on 1 no. Yew tree (T1) subject to BO/90/00065/TPO.


SDNP/22/03390/LIS: Flints Orchard, West Burton Road, West Burton. Proposed new access and parking area.

SDNP/22/03440/TCA: Martins, The Street. Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Purple prunus tree (T1), 1 no. Plum tree (T2), 1 no. Sycamore tree (T3), 1 no. Purple Maple tree (T4), 1 no. Elder tree (T8) and 1 no. Bramble bush tree (T9). Reduce heights by 2m on 1 no. Malus tree (T5), 1 no. Hornbeam tree (T6) and 1 no. Holly tree (T7).


CC/22/01194/DOM: 11A Highland Road. Flat roof single storey side/rear extension. Change use of loft space to habitable accommodation. Internal alterations.

CC/22/01584/FUL: 71-72 East Street. Refurbishment of external roof areas and various other external works and internal repairs to ground and first floor retail units.

CC/22/01641/DOM: 38 Whyke Lane. Replace attic rear roof window with dormer, replace the roof on first floor extension with lead rolled/zinc roof. Insert 1 no. side window at ground floor level (north west elevation). Change front boundary wall from brick with traditional railings to render with traditional railings.

CC/22/01728/DOM: 22 Worcester Road. Retrospective erection of 1 no. wooden fence panel (1.2m high by 1.8m width) and 1 no. single wooden knee rail (rail height is 0.61m to 0.56m) from the panel to finish 0.83 m from the public footpath.

CC/22/01749/DOM: 46 Worcester Road. Retrospective application for a low retaining wall to the front of the property. The retaining wall is required as a vital part of the front garden landscaping works and to improve the visual amenity to the property and local area.

CC/22/01818/TCA: 220 Whyke Road. Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Holly tree (quoted as T5).

CC/22/01904/PA1A: 58 Exton Road. Single storey extension to the rear (a) rear extension - 4.50m (b) maximum height - 3.00m (c) height of eaves - 2.75m and addition of a porch in the front.

CC/22/01919/ADV: 35 South Street. Installation of 1 no. fascia sign, 2 no. vinyls.


SDNP/22/03483/LDP: 212 Old House Farm Cottage, A286 The Croft To Bex Lane, Cocking Causeway. Proposed lawful development installation of solar PV panels to roof.


SDNP/22/02027/HOUS: Marshals Wick, B2146 Compton Square to The Green. Proposed two storey front extension and single storey rear extension.


D/22/01479/DOM: 15 Wiston Avenue. Proposed two storey side extension and single story rear extension.

D/22/01819/DOM: Herongate, 53 Grosvenor Road. Demolition of existing garage and conservatory. New single storey rear extension and replacement (integral) garage. First floor extension and new roof.


SDNP/22/01331/HOUS: Pear Tree Cottage, Ropes Lane. Single storey extension to replace existing conservatory, conversion of roof to habitable space and creation of a porch.

SDNP/22/01905/HOUS: Copse Cottage, 18 Vann Road. Two storey side extension following demolition of garage and utility.

SDNP/22/02313/HOUS: Ashurst Barn Farm, Lickfold Road. Conversion and extension of existing stable block and store to 2 bedroom annex.

SDNP/22/02822/HOUS: 6 Homelands Copse. First floor infill extension above existing kitchen and reconfiguration of existing porch.


SDNP/22/03184/HOUS: 32 Greatpin Croft. Partial removal of existing conservatory. Build up on 3 existing dwarf walls creating single storey extension with a flat roof.


SDNP/22/03455/TCA: Stable House, Common Road. Notification of intention to reduce height and widths by 3m (back to previous pruning points) on 1 no. Eucalyptus gunnii tree (T1).


SDNP/22/02404/HOUS: The Half House, The Street, South Harting. Reconstruction of boundary wall on the street. To replace like with like, same height, width and identical to previous wall.


SDNP/22/03454/TCA: 4 Parkers Cottages, Pook Lane. Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Pinus nigra (Black Pine tree) (T1).


LM/22/01593/FUL: Land North Of 1 To 16 Sturt Avenue, Camelsdale. New bridge access.


SDNP/22/03126/HOUS: Tudor Cottage, Surrey Road, Lickfold. Erection of a 2 storey rear extension, a single storey rear and side extension, internal alterations, removal of 4 no. existing outbuildings and erection of 1 no. garden outbuilding, installation of a natural swimming pond and installation of a ground source heat pump.

SDNP/22/03127/LIS: Tudor Cottage, Surrey Road, Lickfold. Erection of a 2 storey rear extension, a single storey rear and side extension, internal alterations, removal of 4 no. existing outbuildings and erection of 1 no. garden outbuilding, installation of a natural swimming pond and installation of a ground source heat pump.


LX/22/01726/FUL: Land At Little Farm, Pond Copse Lane. Erection of 32 no. residential dwellings with associated access, infrastructure, drainage and landscape works.


SDNP/22/03059/LDE: The Granary, Boxalland Farm, Petworth Road. Existing lawful development for use of building as a single dwelling (Use class C3).


SDNP/22/03269/HOUS: Foresters Annexe, Gillhams Lane. Ground and first floor extension to the rear elevation and creation of a new dormer window to the front elevation.


SDNP/22/03273/HOUS: Holly Cottage, Sandy Lane. Erection of a two storey side extension following demolition of a single storey extension.

North Mundham

NM/22/00887/DOM: 1 Hop Garden Lane. Single storey rear extension, porch and loft extension with dormers to enlarge 1st floor accommodation.


SDNP/22/03018/HOUS: 358 Shimmings, Angel Street. Relocation of a garage approved under SDNP/16/05522/FUL and the relocation of the driveway and access to the property.

Plaistow And Ifold

PS/22/00275/DOM: Rumbolds Cottage, The Street, Plaistow. Construction of single storey extension.

PS/22/01692/ELD: 4 Oakdene Place, Ifold. Existing lawful development certificate for the use of land as residential garden land.


SDNP/22/03438/LIS: Old Fyning House, A272 From Fyning Lane To Terwick Lane. Refurbishment and repair of Bothy.

SDNP/22/03448/APNR: Mullens Field West of The Dower House, Fyning Lane to Terwick Lane. Proposed agricultural track.


SY/22/01888/DOM: Beacon House, 4 Ursula Square. Proposed raised pitched roof, rear dormer with balcony, hip to gable enlargement to entrance, glazed balustrade to existing rear balcony and various external and internal alterations including changes to fenestration (Variation of condition 2 and 4 from planning permission SY/22/00467/DOM - Amendment to include fibre cement weatherboarding to the upper elevations, replacement PVC windows and doors).


SI/22/01739/PLD: Field East Of Easton Farm, Easton Lane. Siting of 20 no. mobile homes for occupation by seasonal farm workers.

SI/22/01859/FUL: The Fairways, Brimfast Lane. Erection of detached dwelling and garage (alternative to that approved under application 20/00434/FUL).


SB/22/01432/DOM: 4 The Square, Prinsted Lane, Prinsted. Proposed first floor extension with minor internal and external works.

SB/22/01741/DOM: 100A Stein Road. 1 no. escape window to front elevation.

SB/22/01743/DOM: 2 Gordon Road. Single storey extension at rear of property to replace existing store and verandah. Addition of 1 no. window on ground floor south/side elevation and 2 no. roof windows to main roof of house (1 no. on east and 1 no. on west elevations).

SB/22/01751/FUL: Land North West Of 139 Main Road. Construction of 8 no. dwellings, access, landscaping and associated works - Variation of Condition 2 of planning permission SB/20/02297/FUL - changes to plots 2 and 6 (loft space added with roof lights to rear and single dormer to front), plots 3, 4 & 5 (changes to front elevation detailing and fenestration), plot 7 (changes to front elevation detailing and fenestration, juliette balcony added), single garages added to plots 3,4,5,7 & 8 and additional parking space to plots 2 & 3.

Stedham With Iping

SDNP/22/01921/HOUS: Rose Cottage, 32 Queens Street, Stedham. Demolition of existing and construction of replacement outbuilding in rear garden.

West Itchenor

WI/22/01824/DOM: Mistral House, Itchenor Road. Replacement of existing conservatory, extension of the northern roof pitch at first floor, new front porch extension, PV solar panels and new garage building.

West Lavington

SDNP/22/02371/FUL: Field South of Woodside, Oaklands Lane. Proposed new stable block and entrance.

SDNP/22/03486/HOUS: Edgefield, Highstanding Lane. 1 no. single timber garage and workshop.

West Wittering

WW/22/01397/LBC: 3 Coastguard Cottages, Snow Hill. Replacement windows and internal alterations (Variation of condition 2 from listed building consent WW/21/00432/LBC - Amendment to approved plans to allow for the approved footprint of the rear lean to structure to be constructed with the original roof pitch and height).

WW/22/01757/DOM: 58 Harrow Drive. Replacement of existing conservatory with single storey rear extension including associated works and window alterations.


WE/22/01608/DOM: Burwood, Cemetery Lane, Woodmancote. Erection of detached annexe summer house/studio and storage space. Single storey front extension, 2 storey rear extension, single storey front infill extension, replacement porch and general door and window amendments.

WE/22/01796/TPA: Racton View, Marlpit Lane, Hambrook. Reduce height and north, south and west sectors by 3m and reduce east sector by up to 5m (overhanging road) on 1 no. Oak tree (T1) within Woodland, W1 subject to WE/08/00121/TPO.

WE/22/01856/DOM: St Leger, The Square. Replacement of 2 no. external ground floor doors to rear elevation.

WE/22/01857/LBC: St Leger, The Square. Replacement of 2 no. external ground floor doors to rear elevation. Internal alterations and repairs to utility, WC, kitchen and floor finish of ground floor.


WH/22/01589/DOM: 29 Vespasian Close. Construction of front dormer, 2 no. rooflights to front slope and rear dormer, conversion of roof into habitable space.

WH/22/01663/FUL: Rolls Royce Motor Cars, The Drive. External alterations to service area comprising the installation of 1 no. new roller shutter door at Building 50.

Wisborough Green

WR/22/01802/DOM: Hidden Cottage, School Road. Proposed PV panels on pitched roof of south facing elevation.

SDNP/22/03109/FUL: Old Spencers, Crimbourne Lane. Demolition of existing detached ancillary annexe and replacement with oak framed detached ancillary annexe.

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