Chichester planning applications: Here’s the latest list of submissions across the district

The following planning applications have been made to Chichester District Council between January 31 and February 7.
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BI/24/00061/FUL: 1-4 Claytons Corner. Demolition of 4 no. existing dwellings and erection of 5 no. dwellings, with associated works including new vehicular access route, parking provision and landscaping.

BI/24/00061/FUL: 1-4 Claytons Corner, Birdham. Demolition of 4 no. existing dwellings and erection of 5 no. dwellings, with associated works including new vehicular access route, parking provision and landscaping. (Photo: Google Maps)BI/24/00061/FUL: 1-4 Claytons Corner, Birdham. Demolition of 4 no. existing dwellings and erection of 5 no. dwellings, with associated works including new vehicular access route, parking provision and landscaping. (Photo: Google Maps)
BI/24/00061/FUL: 1-4 Claytons Corner, Birdham. Demolition of 4 no. existing dwellings and erection of 5 no. dwellings, with associated works including new vehicular access route, parking provision and landscaping. (Photo: Google Maps)


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BO/24/00043/TPA: Broadbridge Business Centre, Delling Lane. Crown lift by up to 5.2m on east sectors (above ground level) on 8 no. Lime trees (T6-T13) subject to BO/98/00082/TPO and reduce 1 no. lateral branch on north sector by up to 2m on 1 no. London Plane tree (T3) subject to BO/91/00070/TPO.


SDNP/24/00254/FUL: Redvins Barns, Redvins Road, Halnaker. Revised site boundary for existing Bio-mass energy and heat centre (resubmission of Planning Permission SDNP/20/03380/FUL to allow increased site area to accommodate works required by conditions).

Planning applicationsPlanning applications
Planning applications


SDNP/24/00197/FUL: Sandy Meadow Farm, Bignor Park Road, Bignor. Change use of land with 5 pitch settled gypsy accommodation site including landscaping and biodiversity enhancements.

SDNP/24/00262/TCA: 5 Squires Cottages, The Street. Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Walnut Tree (T1).


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CC/23/02732/FUL: Tenpin And Air Arena, Chichester Gate. Change of use of vacant unit to create larger bowling alley. New operating hours of enlarged unit of 08:00 - 0:30 Monday to Sunday inclusive.

CC/24/00037/DOM: 42 St Pauls Road. Replace 2 no. front windows with single glazed timber sash windows, remove affected areas of poor flint above front door, repair and make good including garrets, reinstate damaged brick arches and re-point crack in mortar.

CC/24/00159/PLD: 81 Grove Road. Rear dormer to previously converted loft.

CC/24/00168/DOM: 27 Sherborne Road. Front porch.

CC/24/00203/TCA: 33 Franklin Place. Notification of intention to reduce height by 1.5m and spread by 0.5m (all round) on 1 no. Acacia dealbata.


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SDNP/23/05443/HOUS: Field House, The Green To Fernbeds Lane. Single storey rear garden room extension.


D/24/00138/DOM: 14 Graydon Avenue. First floor side (over existing garage) and first floor rear extensions.

D/24/00174/DOM: Herongate, 53 Grosvenor Road. Demolition of existing garage and conservatory. New single storey rear extension, first floor extension and new roof.

D/24/00205/DOM: 22 Belgrave Crescent. Proposed replacement ground floor extension with internal alterations, first floor rear extension. (Variation of condition 2 of permission 22/03113/DOM - revision to permitted scheme including new staircase, 1 no. new dormer and 2 no. roof lights).


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SDNP/24/00368/LIS: 3 Old School House, Duncton Church Road. Replace existing roof finish.


E/24/00154/FUL: Blackthorn Barn, 101B First Avenue, Almodington. Extension of residential curtilage and retention of pergola and summerhouse.

East Wittering And Bracklesham

EWB/24/00001/PLD: Summer House, Bracklesham Lane, Bracklesham Bay. Proposed lawful development - single storey side extension and single storey rear extension.


SDNP/24/00130/HOUS: Long Copse Cottage, Lickfold Road. Conversion of garage into annexe. Alterations to external materials including door and window positions.

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SDNP/24/00365/HOUS: 59 Vann Road. Front first floor extension. Convert garage to gym.


FB/24/00021/FUL: Fishbourne Centre, Blackboy Lane. Replace existing wooden pavilion with new log cabin pavilion.


SDNP/24/00373/TPO: Orchard Cottage, Common Road. Re-pollard back to previous points on 20. No Lime trees (within group G1) subject to 11/00109/TPONP.


SDNP/24/00078/HOUS: Meadow Brook Farm, Woodcote Lane. Single storey rear extension.

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SDNP/24/00385/LDE: The Paddocks, Selham Road, South Ambersham. Existing Lawful development certificate for the continued use of mobile home as a residential unit.


SDNP/24/00180/LIS: Ffowlers Bucke, The Street, South Harting. Replacement of rear and side windows with slim line double glazed windows.

SDNP/24/00219/CND: The Cottage, Elsted Road, South Harting. Creation of rear vehicular access with access gates and car turntable to provide parking for 2 no. cars and erection of a detached outbuilding for use as home office/gym with various alterations including proposed new terrace, re-siting of oil tank and new brick paths (Variation of condition 2 from planning permission SDNP/23/01403/HOUS - Replace Oil tank and boiler system with air source heat pumps).

SDNP/24/00292/TPO: Sky Park House, Durford Lane, West Harting. Reduce 1 no. lower lateral branch on east sector by up to 2m (back to upright growth point) and crown reduce by approx. 1m on 1 no. Oak tree (T1). Remove 1 no. small central multi-stemmed leader and crown reduce by up to 2.5m on 1 no. Lime tree (quoted as T3, TPO'd as T5). Crown reduce by up to 2.5m on 1 no. Lime tree (quoted as T4, TPO'd as T6). All 3 no. trees subject to HT/93/00571/TPO.

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SDNP/24/00314/LIS: Kent House, Kent House Lane, East Harting. Repoint all elevations with flush pointing.


SDNP/23/03739/FUL: Rooks Hill, A286 Oldwick Meadows To Sheepwash Lane. Ground floor rear extension.

SDNP/24/00348/TCA: The Byre, Pook Lane. Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Conifer tree.


LM/23/02758/FUL: Land North Of 1 To 16 Sturt Avenue, Camelsdale. Erection of 9 no. dwellingshouses together with associated access, infrastructure, parking and landscaping.


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SDNP/23/05315/FUL: Lodsworth Stables and Coach House Block, Lodsworth House, Gills Lane, Petworth. Continuation and extension of works (approved under SDNP/22/04470/FUL) to finish the remaining part of the missing roof section covering the coach house.

SDNP/24/00313/LIS: St Peters Well, Vicarage Lane. Wrought iron driveway security gates with brick piers and side railings.

SDNP/24/00449/TPO: Old Orchard, School Lane. Crown reduce (back to previous pruning points) on 2 no. Beech trees (T1 & T2) subject to LD/00/00608/TPO.


LX/24/00196/TPA: Woodpeckers, 10 Pond Close. Re-pollard (back to previous pruning points) on 6 no. Lime trees (quoted as T1-T6) within Area, A1 subject to LX/65/00645/TPO and LX/73/00647/TPO.

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LX/24/00204/DOM: Foxhounds, Roundstreet Common, Wisborough Green. Ground floor rear extension.

LX/24/00240/OBG: Land South West Of Willets Way. Modify the provisions described in the Section 106 agreement: Deed of Variation of permission 23/01104/FUL. Amendment in respect of water neutrality.


SDNP/24/00201/TCA: Garden House, Flat 1, North Street. Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Hazel tree and 5 no. Bay trees and 1 no. Portuguese Laurel tree.

SDNP/24/00266/TPO: Oakwood, Petersfield Road. Fell 1 no. Ash tree (T5, quoted as T1) subject MI/99/00705/TPO.


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SDNP/23/05072/HOUS: Lyfords Bridge Bungalow, Milland Road. Single storey garage extension to east elevation for workshop/storage use with alterations to fenestration.

SDNP/24/00375/HOUS: Willow Stream, Fernhurst Road. Extensions to dwelling including addition of first floor, front porch and replacement of roof to rear extension. Changes to fenestration and demolition of 2 no. single storey elements.


SDNP/24/00359/TCA: Oaklands, A283 Luffs Meadow To Pipers Lane. Notification of intention to crown reduce by up to 3m and remove lower stem on south sector (over driveway) on 1 no. Eucalyptus tree (quoted as 1) and crown reduce by up to 3m on 1 no. Hazel tree (quoted as 2).

SDNP/24/00380/TCA: 2 The Square House, A283 Luffs Meadow To Pipers Lane. Notification of intention to height reduce by up to 3.5m and width reduce by up to 2m on 1 no. Cherry tree.


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SDNP/23/05293/FUL: The Sylvia Beaufoy Youth Centre, Midhurst Road. Single storey extension.

Plaistow And Ifold

PS/23/02660/TPA: September House, The Drive, Ifold. Reduce east sector (reduce 4 no. limbs overhanging the driveway) by 3m on 1 no. Oak tree (quoted as T1) within Group, G1 subject to PS/84/00776/TPO.

PS/24/00070/TPA: The Coach House, The Drive, Ifold. Crown lift by up to 5m on western sectors (above ground level) and reduce upper western sectors by 3m (in line with boundary fence) on 7 no. Oak trees (T7-T13) subject to PS/98/00818/TPO.


SI/24/00210/FUL: 31 Chalk Lane. Demolish existing agricultural building and erection of 1 no. one bedroom dwelling - alternative to Class Q approval SI/23/00415/PA3Q - Variation of Condition 2 of planning permission SI/23/01458/FUL - alterations to the design to permitted dwelling to enable it to meet the national described space standards for a 1 bed 2 person dwelling.


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SB/24/00137/DOM: Downsview, 20 South Lane. Two storey side extension.

Special Code For BLPUs Outside CDC Area

SPEC/24/00199/ADJ: Hill Top Stables, Devils Lane, Liphook. Application Number: 52747/018. Change of use of land for the formation of 8 no. Gypsy/Traveller Pitches (net 3 no. pitches), comprising the siting of 8 Mobile Homes, and 8 Touring Caravans (net 3 Mobile Homes and 3 Touring Caravans), following the removal of existing stable structures.

SPEC/24/00236/ADJ: Land East of Horndean, Rowlands Castle Road, Horndean. Application Number: 55562/012. Reserved matters application pursuant to Outline Planning Permission 55562/005. - consent for the approval of appearance, landscaping, layout, and scale for 311 dwellings, associated and ancillary infrastructure, landscaping, and Sustainable Drainage Systems This Reserved Matters Application also seeks the partial discharge of Conditions 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 27 and 28 of Outline Planning Permission 55562/005 (amended plans and amended description (22.01.2024)).

Sutton & Barlavington

SDNP/23/05028/HOUS: The Smithy, The Street, Sutton. Replacement gates and realignment of a small section of existing fence.

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SDNP/24/00362/TCA: Beckhall, The Street, Sutton. Notification of intention to re-pollard to previous points (6m above ground level) on 3 no. Lime trees.

West Dean

SDNP/23/05115/LIS: The Dower House, Church Lane. Repairs to summerhouse including installation of services and tea point to facilitate use as common room for student accommodation in The Dower House.

West Thorney

WT/23/02785/FULEIA: Baker Barracks, Emsworth Road, Thorney Island. Demolition of car park and garaging; the construction of 3 no. single living accommodation buildings, associated external works, ancillary buildings and landscaping; the development and reuse of an existing area of hardstanding to form a car park, with associated landscaping and lighting.

West Wittering

WW/23/02670/FUL: 43 Marine Close. Demolish existing dwelling and erect a replacement dwelling.

Wisborough Green

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WR/24/00135/DOM: 1 Carters Way. Demolition of existing attached garage and erection of a two storey side extension, single storey front extension, and external associated works (amendments to previous approved applications WR/23/01341/DOM and WR/23/02419/NMA).