Boxing: Heffron tipped for England call after impressive win

YOUNG Chichester boxer Holly Heffron is being tipped to represent England – even though she is just 12.
Holly Heffron with St Gerards duo Gerry Lavelle and Jon MillsHolly Heffron with St Gerards duo Gerry Lavelle and Jon Mills
Holly Heffron with St Gerards duo Gerry Lavelle and Jon Mills

St Gerards Boxing Club travelled to Thatcham FC for Thames Valley’s annual black-tie dinner-boxing evening with the 12-year-old for her second contest this season against Polly Phillips.

Her fellow 12-year-old from the Thames Valley club had beaten her on a split decision at her own show in Chichester in February.

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Coaches Jon Mills and Gerry Lavelle were in attendance and Mills said: “We knew Holly would be firing on all cylinders with added zest in her pursuit of perfection.

“The contest started with Polly coming forward trying to rush her way in, with the home supporters boosting her, but Holly was ready and using lateral movement she slid easily out of harm’s way, catching Polly with some cracking shots.

“She then turned up the ante and started pushing forward with arrow-like straight jabs and big right-hand over-the-top counters, landing flush at ease she clearly took the first round.

“In the second Holly pushed forward as instructed behind a tight guard, using her ramrod jab, again catching Polly with powerful clean shots to both head and body switc- hitting accordingly.

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“Polly looked overawed and we thought her corner may have retired her as it was so one-sided as a contest.

“We told Holly to carry on as in the last round but up the pace of her work, which she did to great effect, so much so that Polly was forced into having a standing count by the referee over eight seconds.

“As the referee resumed the contest Holly was on her like a sprinter in a hurry – with an avalanche of punches, she had her cornered and trapped for the duration of the contest. She won with a very clear unanimous descision.”

Coach Lavelle said: “I don’t do a lot of cornering now but it was a real pleasure handing up to Jon and assisting in Holly’s victory – she is a very special wee talent who will surely box for England in the very near future – she did herself and the club proud.”

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