New Cardiff City star Tanner on his Championship hopes - and how hard it was to leave Lewes

Ollie Tanner says he is hopeful of first team opportunities at Cardiff City after his move from Lewes FC last month.

The 20-year-old signed a four year deal with the Welsh outfit after impressive displays for Lewes throughout the course of the 2021/22 season, even turning down a move to the Premier League with Spurs back in January.

Despite interest in his services from numerous clubs, Tanner says he joined the Bluebirds due to manager Steve Morison giving young players a chance to showcase their ability in the Championship.

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When asked why he signed for Cardiff over other clubs, Tanner said: “It was more for the opportunity there if I’m honest. There are younger boys there (Cardiff) being given a chance. It really appealed to me the fact that the manager there was keen to give young players a go. The manager was good with me and I thought it was a good fit.

Ollie Tanner had a superb season for Lewes in 2021-22 / Picture: James Boyes

“I hope that I will be given a go in the Championship. I will be in the first team but it’s up to me to get myself into the team and to get myself a place and get playing.”

Whilst Tanner is full of excitement joining Cardiff, he admits it was difficult to say his farewells to Lewes and everyone at the club after such a memorable season.

“It was hard I’ll be honest. I was getting a lot of messages on all social media platforms from Lewes fans saying thank you and we’ll miss you. It was really lovely and just shows how good the fans and that club is. As sad as it is, it’s hard to turn down the opportunity to go somewhere higher.

“The club gave me the opportunity to play. Tony (Russell) the manager, Joe Vines, and all the coaches. Even everyone behind closed doors in the club, they were so supportive and so good. The fans as well, when I’m playing they’re the ones cheering you on and giving you the motivation.”

Tanner now hopes to win over the hearts of fans in the Welsh capital next season. Although he hasn’t yet had the chance to meet his new supporters, Tanner says the fanbase has been very supportive on social media.

“They’ve been really supportive online, but I haven’t spoken to many of them. I imagine I’ll get the chance when I go up there.”