'Victim of my own success' - Crawley Town boss says Reds are still in good position despite winless October

Scott Lindsey believes Crawley Town are still in a good position despite ony picking up one point on October.
Crawley Town boss Scott Lindsey. Picture: Eva GilbertCrawley Town boss Scott Lindsey. Picture: Eva Gilbert
Crawley Town boss Scott Lindsey. Picture: Eva Gilbert

The Reds finished September joint top of League Two with Saturday’s FA Cup opponents Notts County.

But now find themselves 14th – but still only five points off the players. Lindsey said: “Whilst this month has not yielded many points we are still in a good position. In 15 games we have yielded 21 points which is 1.4 points per game, times that by 46 and you are looking at 65 points which is not too far from the play offs. From where we were when I joined to now, it’s night and day.”

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And Lindsey says the team and squad is still in it’s infancy. “On Saturday we had four players [Nick Tsaroulla, Corey Addai, Kellan Gordon, Travis Johnson] who were with me last season,” he said. “It’s a completely new team so everyone needs to settle down a bit.

“I end up being a victim of my own success, I set off like a train at the start of the season then everyone expects I have to win every game. Let’s calm down. We have come a long, long way and we are really proud of where we are at the moment. Whilst we are disappointed we haven’t collected more points this month, we are still know we are in a healthy position.”

Reds travel to Notts County for the first of two trips in November and with it being the FA Cup, it’s a distraction from the league. But Lindsey said: “You always want to go into that FA Cup game with your last couple of results being positive.

"So you go in within a positive mindset but that is not the case and we are up against a very good team so it will be difficult. But it’s a different kind of pressure. We want to win for our personal pride and to make the club some money. And we want to do well for the travelling fans as well.”

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Notts County currently sit second in League Two and Lindsey knows it will be a tough trip. “They are a good side,” he said. “They are where they are in the league for a reason. Luke [Williams] has done a fantastic job, he’s a really good coach . I worked with him at Swindon for many years. He’s got a way of playing which is similar to how I want to play. You look at the two teams and we are very very similar in many ways.”