Norris back for Eagles

DAVID Norris is back with the Eastbourne Eagles for 2006 and is all set to put a nightmare 18 months behind him.

The Hailsham-based rider's return to Arlington was really never in doubt, although internet gossip had linked him with possible moves to Reading and Arena-Essex.

Eagles co-promoter Jon Cook said yesterday: 'Obviously we are delighted that David is back and fully fit.

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'There was never any doubt with both parties that David would do anything else other than ride for the Eagles.

'It is the perfect Christmas present for our fans.'

Norris, who broke his leg at the tail-end of the 2004 season returned to action last March.

But his season was severely curtailed after suffering a head injury at Swindon. He made a number of attempts to return but eventually had to admit his season was over.

Norris will be heading to France in February to carry out two days of intensive tuning with his engine tuner, Neville Tatum.

Before that, he will be heading for the gym after Christmas to get ready for the Eastbourne campaign, set to start on March 11.