Hastings Rock Radio returns for 28 days

Hastings Rock Radio chairman Ralph WinserHastings Rock Radio chairman Ralph Winser
Hastings Rock Radio chairman Ralph Winser
Hastings Rock Radio will return for 2021 on Saturday, May 1 for another 28-day broadcast.

“But this year’s broadcast will, once again, be rather different to those that have gone before,” says spokesman Andy Gunton.

“Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, Hastings Rock have had to adapt, just like everyone else, and will only be broadcasting online, not on FM as in previous years.

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“Live programmes will commence at 6am on Saturday, May 1, with the Hastings Rock DJs broadcasting from their homes, instead of the usual central studio.

“Hastings Rock will be on air and online 24 hours a day until midnight on Friday, May 28, playing their quite unique brand of classic and modern rock music, specialist shows, and their usual healthy dose of local music too.

“Details and information about Hastings Rock 2021 can be found on the official website at hastingsrock.co.uk or their Facebook page Hastings Rock FM.

“Listeners from across the world can tune in to the radio station via the Hastings Rock website, their smart speakers (Alexa etc), on internet radios and by using the Tune In app on mobile phones and smart TVs.”

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Hastings Rock chairman Ralph Winser said: “We are really pleased to be able to continue with our usual 28-day broadcast in May, albeit in a different form to most that have gone before.

“It has been a real team effort to get this internet broadcast up and running once again, after initially planning for an FM broadcast.

“This will be our third internet only broadcast, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, which mean that we can’t use our usual central studio.

“We wanted to get Hastings Rock on air to bring a bit of familiarity during the month of May to all of our loyal listeners, and hopefully provide a friendly voice and some great music to help people through these trying times.”

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Hastings Rock is an RSL (Restricted Service Licence) radio station that first broadcast on FM radio in August 1993 to the Hastings area of East Sussex in the UK.

Since then, Hastings Rock has returned most years, usually during May of each year. Each broadcast is restricted to 28 days due to Ofcom regulations.

In 2020 Hastings Rock had to broadcast as an internet only station for the first time ever due to the COVID 19 situation & Government restrictions. They did a 28-day broadcast during May and then a two-week broadcast in October 2020 to coincide with Hastings Week.

Hastings Rock is a voluntary organisation, and all DJs and committee members are unpaid.

DJ’s are predominantly local, which helps to give the radio station its unique flavour.