Reader letter: Chichester street among ‘most polluted category in UK’ according to website checker

Writes Stephanie Carn, of Whyke Road, Chichester

Chichester centre. Photograph: Photograph: Steve Robards/ SR2202075

I’d like to thank Peter Lansley, who, in last week’s Observer (opinion), told readers about a very useful website called, where anyone can put in a postcode and get a reading for their property.

I live in Whyke Road and my address gave a reading of being in the 82nd percentile, which is in the most polluted category in the UK. A neighbouring street, not a main road, came up with a reading of 75, still three times higher than the limits set by the World Health Organisation.

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The health of everyone is put at risk by these levels of air pollution, but there are things that could be done, even in Whyke Road. We could make it much more attractive to use public transport and invest in electric buses. We could use some of the road space for properly surfaced and separated cycle lanes to encourage people to use their bikes.

Chichester centre. Photograph: Steve Robards/ SR2202075

We could widen the pavements in places and plant more trees to make walking more attractive. We could insist that all the many delivery companies whose drivers charge around in separate vans consolidate the deliveries and then use an electric vehicle for the last mile.

Do have a look at the reading for your address. When everyone realises the scale and seriousness of the problem, perhaps we will be able to get decision makers to act on behalf of those they represent.

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