New Brighton shop promises ‘too good to be true donuts’

A new Brighton store opened it’s doors on Monday (August 2) offering a healthier version of a much-loved treat.

Anthony Fletcher of Urban Legend
Anthony Fletcher of Urban Legend

Urban Legend promises ‘too good to be true donuts’ which are lower in fat, sugar and calories than high street alternatives.

The company uses ingredients in roots, pears, leaves and melons as alternatives to sugar, as well as steam baking to cut the fat,

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The nutrient levels for sugar and fat are classified as medium or low by the Public Health England traffic light scheme, with calories being at least 30% less than competitive products, with e only 10 grams of sugar, it’s the equivalent to eating two squares of chocolate, or less than one marshmallow.

Urban Legend's 'too good to be true donuts'

The store is based at 15 Brighton Place, part of Hanningtons development, and boasts a 2.4 metre-high pink sprinkled donut chair for the perfect photo opportunity.

Anthony Fletcher, former CEO of snack company Graze and founder of Urban Legend, said: “For hundreds of years sugar and fat have been the key ingredients in sweet treats and baked goods, so much so it’s almost taken as gospel.

“We don’t believe this has to be the case and have found the right ingredients and cooking methods to prove it with our donuts.

“We think Brighton is the perfect place to bring Urban Legend to life, and really believe our donuts are too good to be true. This is being able to enjoy the junk without the junk.”

Urban Legend in Brighton Place

Later this month Urban Legend will be giving out 5,000 of their creations at the Urban Legend donut stand on Ship Street from Thursday 19 August to Sunday 22 August from 11am to 3pm.