West Sussex residents ask if discovery of Roman settlement will halt work to build 1,300 homes

West Sussex residents have asked if the discovery of Roman settlement will halt work to build 1,300 homes.

Despite the announcement yesterday (Wednesday, March 27) of the major find on 14 acres of development land in Tangmere, there is still no official word on what impact it will have on the timetable of the major housing and community development.

The fascinating discovery left residents wondering if a new plan could be possible.

Chichester Observer reader Steve Cox wrote: “Great news, let's hope they find a great mosaic floor and Roman baths. No new housing just a great new tourist attraction.”

Michael Gardiner agreed. He wrote: “Would be nice to add more history and visitors to Tangmere rather than more flat pack houses. Hope it turns out to be a big find.”

The University of College of London’s (UCL) Archaeology South-East team will be undertaking archaeological excavations across 14 hectares of the site, commencing in April 2024 and running until late 2026.

There are plenty of people pleased that the discovery will pause the housing works – for now, at least.

Louise Rooks wrote: “We live on Copse Farm and so pleased with the find means a few more years without building more houses.”

Annette Smith asked: “Does that mean no housing development?”

Margaret Flint wrote: “Such good news. I hope this stops the build.”

This newspaper has asked the project team how the discovery will impact the housing plans, i.e. how will it affect the timetable for building and will plans have to change to preserve the finds. Click here to read the story so far.

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