Diving lessons cancelled suddenly at Eastbourne pool

Diving lessons have been cancelled at an Eastbourne pool for the forseeable future.
Sovereign Centre,  Eastbourne (Photo by Jon Rigby)Sovereign Centre,  Eastbourne (Photo by Jon Rigby)
Sovereign Centre, Eastbourne (Photo by Jon Rigby)

Parents of children learning to dive at the Sovereign Centre said they received an email last week to say the sessions had been cancelled with immediate effect.

Andy Pascoe, whose 11-year-old son has been learning the skill for three years, said, “There was no explanation or anything.

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“There’s 40 children that weekly attend those lessons. It’s a lot of time and investment into a sport which has now been lost.”

Mr Pascoe said he went to the Sovereign Centre and was told they were replacing the coach.

He said, “He was a fantastic instructor. I’m extremely disappointed with the centre and their lack of communication.

“I’m angry, my son’s upset. He loved his diving.

“We’ve invested a lot of time and money into the Sovereign Centre.”

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A spokesperson for Serco, which runs the centre, said, “We apologise to all customers affected by the recent cancellation of our diving lesson programme. We are actively looking for a replacement instructor and hope to re-introduce the lessons at some point in the future.

“An email was sent out to customers, once we knew the lessons would be cancelled.

“For some customers, we do not have a valid email address, which would explain why some people did not receive the message.

“All people who had sessions cancelled have been refunded, and all Direct Debits payments have been frozen until we resume the lessons.”

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