Travellers remain on Eastbourne site despite deadline

The deadline has now passed for travellers to move from a site in Eastbourne.

The travellers moved onto Five Acres Field on May 13.

An Eastbourne Borough Council spokesperson said , “The travellers on Five Acres forced entry to the site by moving large boulders and posts that were put in place to deter this type of unauthorised access.”

Yesterday (Tuesday, May 17) the spokesperson said, “We have served notices on the travellers to leave Five Acres Field. They have until 4pm this afternoon to leave.

The travellers in Five Acres Field

“Alongside this approach, we continue to liaise with Sussex Police about the use of their powers to get the site cleared more quickly. We are putting portable toilets on the site and have delivered large refuse bins.”

Now the deadline has passed and the travellers haven’t moved which means the council will ‘seek their removal through the courts’.

Court can be a long process due to a backlog of cases so it is unknown when the travellers will leave.

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