First aider is a ‘great role model’

WHEN 16-year-old Becky Goff’s neighbour suddenly collapsed, it would have been easy for the teenager to panic.


But keeping her cool, the Davison High School student and St John Ambulance cadet administered vital first aid before paramedics arrived.

It is this bravery which has seen her nominated for a Community Stars award by mum, Debbie, and Davison community manager Nimie Bunyard.

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“Becky’s commitment and outstanding contribution to St John Ambulance, and her role as a community prefect at Davison CE High School for Girls needs to be recognised.

“Becky is a great role model for young people to show how volunteering and giving one’s time for free can make a huge difference, not only to individuals but the community as a whole.”

The incident happened in December, when Becky’s neighbour suffered a fit and fell unconscious.

Her seven-year-old son knocked on Becky’s door, so she rushed next door to assess the situation.

She placed her neighbour in the recovery position, before checking for a pulse.

Debbie said: “She was on the phone to the emergency services giving all her details

“When the ambulance turned up, Becky told them what happened, calmly and collectedly.

“She told them she was a trained first aider, the patient’s name and that she had been fitting and also that she had major brain surgery last year, which needed her skull to be reconstructed.”

She added: “She did so many things to help Naomi that I never even thought of.”

In March, Becky was invited to Buckingham Palace for an event to honour St John Ambulance badgers, cadets, and young carers who made outstanding contributions during their time as young volunteers.

She met HRH Princess Royal – who has the official title of Commandant in Chief, Youth for St John Ambulance – and had the opportunity to discuss their experiences as a volunteer during the reception.

Wendy Human, director of charitable initiatives and training at St John Ambulance, said: “‘Becky has been an asset to her local community all year round and she fully deserved to be rewarded.”

In reaction to her nomination, Becky said: “I’m very pleased to be nominated and quite surprised, because for me, I just did what I was meant to do. But for everyone else, they were saying ‘wow’.

“It all happened very quickly, so I was just concentrating on what I needed to do. I have been trained not to panic but afterwards, once the adrenalin wears off, it hits you.

“I definitely think first aid should be taught more. It’s very easy to do.”

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