High School students to take part in cookery test

STUDENTS at Bexhill High School, East Sussex, will put their culinary skills to the test in a live cookery promotion '“ On Your Marks'¦ Get Set, Cook! '“ organised by school catering company Scolarest on Friday.

The competition will see two teams racing against the clock to create the best healthy dish from a selection of mystery ingredients. Each team will consist of two students working alongside an adult team member.

The teams will be given 15 minutes to prepare their dish in front of an audience of fellow pupils. Scolarest development chef Darren Tinkler, one of the company's top chefs, will host the event and highlight the key healthy eating messages for the audience.

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The cookery competitions will also feature a quiz with food- and health-related questions.

The cookery competition is part of Scolarest's Putting Fun Back into Food campaign which aims to get children and young people excited and interested in good food and healthy eating through events such as On Your Marks, cooking classes for parents and students and cookery demonstrations in schools.

Darren said:""We think the best way to inspire students to eat and live healthily is to make it enjoyable and On Your Marks is a great way of doing this.

"The live cook-off is really exciting and enables students to learn some hands-on cookery skills. We also give out lots of cooking tips and information about nutrition and healthy eating."

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