LETTERS: Restore roadway to give access

It has been reported that when part of Horsham’s East Street is entirely pedestrianised the disabled parking spaces outside Ask will be lost.

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This is not necessarily so. If Market Square were returned to its former use, ie, a roadway for vehicles and pavements for pedestrians, there would be room for a mini-roundabout.

This would enable disabled drivers accessing the said parking spaces from the Carfax to return there.

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Also, with careful siting of the roundabout, it could be possible to have outside the Anchor Hotel a dedicated space for a small to medium delivery vehicle. If there is not quite enough room for this then more disabled parking spaces could be fitted in.

On the subject of deliveries there is often near chaos at the top of Denne Road caused by such vehicles. However, East Street is wide enough at that point to accommodate a dedicated space for even a medium-sized one, beside the Wabi Restaurant, provided the driver reverses into it.

Incidentally, that end of Denne Road would be a safer place if people could be persuaded not to leave their cars parked partially, sometimes completely, blocking the pavement.


Chesworth Lane, Horsham