Bexhill town hall redevelopment plans unveiled

Proposals have been put forward to redevelop Bexhill town hall.

Rother District Council said the plans involve the building of a new civic centre, as well as redeveloping the town hall.

A council spokesperson said: “This council-led redevelopment will have huge benefits to Bexhill, its core community and wider interests.

"It will enhance the local area by creating a new demand for local businesses, becoming more community-focused and looking to realise the full potential of Bexhill as a lively, attractive focal point where people want to live, work and visit.

An artist's impression of the proposed redevelopment. Picture from Rother District Council

“The refurbishment to the town hall will be light touch, maintaining its historic beauty whilst enhancing its overall energy performance. The civic centre extension to the town hall will have space for new business tenants, public café, efficient meeting areas and improved pedestrian access.”

The proposals include a double height atrium, an accessible ground floor with a cafe, a first and second floor with rentable office space, which the council said will provide employment opportunity and generate income. The third floor includes an event space with a roof terrace including a wild flower green roof.

The plans also include a courtyard and green space between the town hall and the Amherst Road job centre building, as well as car parking provision at the rear on the site of the existing Autolec Building and surrounding land.

The council spokesperson added: “The project has the potential and ambition to become an exemplar building for a sustainable town centre redevelopment, reinvigorating existing building stock, and reducing carbon use in the fight against climate change.

“The main core of the town hall building is more than 120 years old. The costs involved with heating the premises are particularly high as the overall heating system is outdated. Whilst some investment has taken place in recent years, the building needs modernisation and refurbishment.

“There are numerous, very tangible benefits for the community and the council in the refurbishment to the existing town hall building with the provision of new workspaces and public spaces for an open, accessible and welcoming environment.

“A light touch refurbishment of the town hall will be undertaken whilst key spaces such as the committee room and council chamber, will remain. Materials will be selected to complement and enhance the heritage setting.”