Drivers warned of months more disruption on the A264 at Horsham

Drivers are being warned that they face at least another five months of disruption on the A264 at Horsham.

Developers currently carrying out building works at the new Mowbray Village on land north of Horsham say that from May 9 to September, there will be no right turn at the A264/Rusper Road roundabout.

This means traffic from Littlehaven will not be able to turn right towards the Moorhead Roundabout to Roffey/Crawley and there will be no direct access over the A264 from Littlehaven to Rusper.

All traffic from Littlehaven, Lemmington Way, and the North Heath area must turn left onto the A264 - heading westbound towards Warnham - and turn around at the Great Daux Roundabout.

The A264 in Horsham faces many more months of roadworks

Southbound traffic from Rusper will continue being diverted eastbound towards the Moorhead Roundabout as it does at present.

Meanwhile, The westbound right-hand slip lane from the A264 to Old Holbrook will also close between May 9 and September 2022 so that central reservation works can be completed.

Vehicles will need to travel to the Great Daux Roundabout and return along the eastbound carriageway to access Old Holbrook.

As well as these works, West Sussex County Council will be resurfacing both carriageways of the A264 next month between the Moorhead Roundabout and the new footbridge near Rusper Road.