Eastbourne bare-knuckle boxer to fight at O2

A bare-knuckle boxer from Eastbourne is set to fight at the O2 in London.

Danny Devall, 28, will fight CJ Mills at indigo at the O2 on Saturday, June 11, in what will be his fourth bare-knuckle fight.

He said, “This is something I always wanted to do.

“I enjoy a good fight and I enjoy doing something a bit different.

Danny Devall

“How many people out there fight bare-knuckle? Lots fight gloved boxing, but not many do this.

“Bare-knuckle boxing isn’t for everyone. It’s a different game.

“In gloved boxing you can take a punch to land one, but you can’t do that in bare-knuckle boxing. One punch in this game and it could be all over.”

Mr Devall, who is a scaffolder, reflected on his last fight – which took place in Manchester.

He said, “He put me down in the first 10 seconds. I took the count, got up and bust his eye open with an uppercut so badly the doctor pulled him out at the end of the first round.”

The venue in London is expected to be full with 3,000 fans – while almost three million people from around the world could tune in for the last fight.

Mr Devall said, “When people ask where I’m fighting and I tell them, ‘The O2,’ they say, ‘Wow.’

“It is a great venue and because I’ve fought there before I feel more comfortable.

“Fighting in front of 3,000 people and all those cameras is a big deal and I know what to expect this time.”