Hastings cafe with stunning views is closed and neglected

Concerns have been raised over the state of a council owned cafe that has some of the best views in Hastings.

The West Hill Cafe, close to the rocks and Ladies Parlour has stunning see views across the Old Town, seafront, harbour and Hastings Country Park. Yet it has remained closed throughout the summer,

The building itself has been described as looking 'shabby and uncared for and the frontage is becoming overgrown with weeds. It is owned by Hastings Borough Council who lease it out.

The ongoing situation has led to a number of people voicing their anger and frustration on social media.

One person, on Hastings Old Town Appreciation Group said: "Why is Hastings Borough Council not concerned about this? It's a missed opportunity for the town. The cafe is in the most desirable location with amazing views and right next to the West Hill funicular railway. Anyone with half a brain could make this place successful.”

Sue Beattie, who lives on the West Hill, said: "This needs to stay as a cafe and maybe an evening restaurant too. A cafe here is ideal. You have the play park, castle, caves and of course the gorgeous view. I've used this cafe for years. I hope this can be sorted soon, but we mustn't lose this cafe. It can be a goldmine and will be much appreciated by visitors."

Reviews on Tripadvisor last summer, when the cafe was open, described it as ‘grubby with poor service’. One review stated: “It was closed on a bank holiday Saturday. It seems to only open when it wants to.”

Another reviewer said: “We hoped to have lunch here after a ride up on the lift - but it was too dirty. Tables dirty, high chairs sticky and dirty and windows dirty with cobwebs.”

Several reviewers urged people visiting the West Hill to bring a picnic instead.

It is understood that the Council is involved in a legal battle with the current leaseholder and is looking to regain control of the cafe.

A spokesperson for Hastings Borough Council said: “There are legal proceedings on-going at the moment so we’re unable to comment on this.”