Hastings Pier: Meet the woman behind the new bistro and wine bar opening on the pier

Hastings Pier is under new management and will offer something for all tastes and budgets when it re-opens this spring says Keir Halliday, proprietor of new French bistro and wine bar La Belle Vue

She explained: We want this to be all encompassing with prices to suit all pockets. People will be able to enjoy al fresco dining when the weather is good, but also come all year round and there is inside dining and a bar.

There will be a plat du jour on offer every day. We want to cater for all budgets and pocket sizes. If you want to come and have a nice meal with a good bottle of wine, you can do that, but you can also have the plat du jour or just enjoy a drink at the upstairs bar. You don’t have to eat if you don’t want to.”

The La Belle Vue restaurant will be situated at the central feature of the pier where the steps are and old visitor centre used to be. In addition, the pavilion restaurant, close to the entrance of the pier, will be an Italian restaurant, serving Italian and Mediterranean food. This will be open all day long for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Both restaurants will be open all year round.

Keir added: “The stalls will be offering lots of different things. You will be able to get fish and chips and sweets. I consider myself a large stake holder in the new pier project. I am putting in a lot of finance and work. It will be helping employment for the region, which I think is great. I am going to be offering permanent and casual jobs.

"And, of course, its free to come on the pier, so if you just want to come for a nice day out and walk around and appreciate the views, you can do that and enjoy what is a great space.”

Leaseholder Max Wolf will be managing the events side of the business for the pier.

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