Hastings water supply: In pictures: Chaos at water collection points

Traffic has been grid-locked with people trying to get water from the three collection points around St Leonards.

There have been reports of frayed tempers and even fights breaking out as people attempt to access water with an estimated 31,000 homes across the town still without a water supply.

Southern Water has come under fire for not having more water collection points in accessible areas.

One angry resident said: “Why only three water station? This has caused so much anger and frustration as the the queues have been horrendous. We went out last and this morning and couldn’t get anywhere near the stations. We still haven’t got water yet. Spread them out and stop gridlocking this crumbling town.”

There have been some reports of people taking more than a reasonable quota and then attempting to sell it on. On a more positive not, many people have offered to collect and deliver water to people who are vulnerable and can’t get out.

A Southern Water spokesperson said: “If you are a vulnerable customer, or need access to water for medical reasons, and have not received a water delivery, please call 0330 303 0368.

We are very sorry for this disruption and will keep customers informed via our website and social media channels, as well as text messages and emails direct to impacted households.”