In pictures: Hastings Old Town pub holds historic Twelfth Night celebration

Masked revellers with flaming torches took part in traditional Twelfth Night revels at the Albion pub on Saturday evening.

Twelfth Night revels were a big thing in centuries gone by, especially in the Tudor period where revels, masks and balls were the order of the day and night.

The event at the Albion included a wassail ceremony with dancing, a Lord and Lady of Misrule and a performance by the Hollington Tipteerers of a local Mummers play.

There was Twelfth Night Cake on offer and Queen Pea and King Bean were appointed to preside over the merriment.

Historically, Twelfth Night saw a temporary suspension of rules and social orders. Celebrants sang songs and ate Three Kings’ or Twelfth Night cake. It is also the traditional deadline for Christmas decorations to come down.