Sussex seaside town named in top ten places in the UK for a staycation

The East Sussex town of Hastings features in the top ten best places to visit and stay in the UK in a national survey, despite it having one of the highest hotel prices.

The survey, conducted by credit card brand Aqua, rates Hastings as the ninth best place for a staycation, putting Blackpool at the top. The findings were based on the average monthly Google searches and TikTok hashtag views as well as the average hotel price a night.

Hastings was though among the most expensive place to stay in a hotel with the average price per night coming in at £102.56, compared to Blackpool at £72.68. Paignton, Devon is the UK’s most affordable staycation destination, with hotels costing an average of £72.16 per night.

Hastings has 109.6 million hashtag views and 27,100 searches each month on average, according to the survey.