Swimming pool for dogs opens near Eastbourne

A swimming pool for dogs has opened up near Eastbourne.

Dog Splash, in Mountney Bridge Business Park, Eastbourne Road, Westham, provides a ‘fun and fitness’ pool which is suitable for all types of dogs who like to swim.

A spokesperson from the pool said: “It is also an ideal environment in which to build confidence for those canines who are a little nervous of water.

"Human companions can also enter the pool with their best doggy friend in order to provide confidence and comfort – and to have fun.”

Dog Splash in Westham

Up to three humans and four dogs are allowed in the pool, which is more than 6m long and roughly 1.2m deep.

The pool is heated to around 28°C and is indoors.

The spokesperson added: “As the temperatures drop outside the heating will be raised, but at present it is optimum for dogs who need to try to keep cool during the summer.

“There is a ramp for dogs plus a ladder for humans entering the pool.

Dog Splash in Westham

"Toys are provided so that dogs can fully enjoy their visit and make as much noise and as many splashes as they wish.”

There are also changing rooms for people who wish to enter the water, but it is recommended that those planning to go in come with their swimming gear under dry clothes.

A spokesperson from the pool said swimming is very beneficial for dogs as it improves and maintains their fitness.

They added: “One minute of swimming is equivalent to approximately four minutes of running, therefore just five minutes is equivalent to a 20 minute walk and run.

Dog Splash in Westham

“Exercise in water is said to strengthen heart and lungs, improve circulation and help to achieve weight loss.

“It can help to build muscles and aid recovery after injury (always consult a vet first).

“It also stimulates the mind, relieves boredom and stress and strengthens communication bonds between dog and human. Most importantly, it’s a lot of fun.”

The pool can be booked online via the pool’s website, Dogsplash.co.uk.

Dog Splash in Westham

The spokesperson said: “It's a private session which is for half-an-hour, and up to three people with four dogs can attend at any one time.”