Multi-million pound A259 improvement bid for Seaford, Newhaven, Peacehaven and Brighton

South Coast Road
South Coast Road

A multi-million pound package of improvements to the A259 linking Seaford, Newhaven and Peacehaven to Brighton has been submitted to the government as a high priority.

The scheme is called the A259 Corridor Package and transport officials say it will focus on delivering measures to “enhance access to public transport and enable people to cycle or walk for all or part of their journeys, alongside localised road and junction capacity improvements and the potential use of smart technology”.

Transport for the South East, a new regional body bringing together local authorities, business groups and the transport industry to speak with one voice on the region’s transport needs, has put forward the scheme and a spokesperson said, “The A259 road is vital in linking the various communities situated along its alignment including the Seaford, Newhaven and Peacehaven with the city of Brighton to the west, which provides a significant employment, retail and leisure attractor for the area, and Eastbourne to the east, along with Newhaven providing an international gateway to the rest of the county.”

The scheme is one of 10 submitted each costing between £20m and £50m and could be delivered by 2025 if funded. The spokesperson said, “The A259 South Coast Road Corridor Package will provide a balanced package of measures by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of this key corridor of movement, alongside integrating greater sustainable mobility options. This will be fundamental for both existing and future users as the A259 corridor forms part of the primary route network serving the county and where ambitious growth plans, for both housing and commercial development are coming forward.”

Keith Glazier, chair of Transport for the South East and an East Sussex County Council member, said, “A high-quality, reliable transport network is absolutely critical to our region’s continued success, so it’s vital we make a strong case for ongoing investment on behalf of people and businesses in the south east.The schemes we have put forward would, if funded, mean better and more reliable journeys for road users and help reduce urban congestion, speed up journey times and support new housing and jobs.”

“By speaking with one voice to influence where and how money is spent in our region, Transport for the South East is already making a real difference for the 7.5 million people who live and work in the south east.”

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