Hastings woman’s horror as 4x4 pick-up truck ‘snaps in two’ on A21

A Hastings woman said she was driving on the A21 when the chassis of her vehicle snapped.

Wendy Goulden was driving her 13-year-old Nissan Navara along the A21 on June 21 when it happened, leaving the vehicle in two sections.

Fortunately, Wendy was driving along a relatively straight section of the A21 at the time and she managed to pull over to the side of the road without an accident being caused.

Wendy said the incident left her feeling ‘physically sick’. She added: “I could have killed someone. I could have had my children and eight-month-old granddaughter with me. It’s not worth thinking about.”

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Wendy said her 2008 model Nissan Navara was recalled by Nissan SLM Hastings three years ago following an issue with the model’s chassis.

After inspection, she was told the chassis had been treated and was safe to drive.

Following the incident last week, Wendy contacted Nissan to complain about her vehicle. In response, the company said it would not be contributing towards the cost of repairs as it fell outside the warranty period.

In an email to Wendy, Nissan said: “If a major repair is needed outside of the warranty period, we will consider each case individually. We take into account the age of the vehicle, its mileage, Nissan dealer service history – all of which have a direct impact on the vehicle’s performance. Taking everything into account, this isn’t a situation where we would be able to offer a gesture of goodwill due to the age of your vehicle.”

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Wendy said it was ‘not about the money’ and that she was happy the ‘most important things in my life’ – her family – were safe.

She said she wanted to raise awareness of the issue so other families with Nissan Navara’s get their vehicles checked.

Nissan has been approached for comment.

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